Leo Messi, during Barcelona - Bayern Munich of the Champions League 2019/2020

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Something is going to change in the current transfer market. Pump Leo messi and its burofax to Barça Asking for his departure is already one of the most historic moments of a transfer window. Because of what it means and how he did it. It has not been able to leave anyone indifferent and less the other great teams of EuropeThey see how the Barça club crumbles and everything established in this difficult summer is changed.

There are chapters to be written of the soap opera Messi, but the Argentine seems determined to leave. Perhaps it is the most inopportune moment – right in the middle of the pandemic – but Leo has felt that way and can cause an earthquake by himself in European football. From the Barça that would be left without the greatest star in its history to the teams that are already preparing to launch for the Argentine.

Taking out of the equation teams outside of Europe – since Messi’s goal is still to win the Champions-, the fight is reduced to four teams: PSG, Inter Milan and the two teams of Manchester. All of them are now running in a hurry to balance scores and position themselves as best as possible to sign Messi, who will have to fight with Barça if his departure is free (how he maintains) or he will have to transfer it (Barça would ask for more than 222 million) .

Leo Messi, during Barcelona – Bayern Munich of the Champions League 2019/2020


On the other hand, where the Real MadridThere are the teams that see this from the outside. Without entering the bid for Messi, but attentive to what his goodbye to Barça may cause in the market. The first thing will be that the Barça club will have to strengthen as it is, but there the whites are out of danger. What matters to Real Madrid is the chain of movements that Messi can cause and that this can unlock some interesting operation.

Mbappé and the dominoes of PSG

PSG seems to be the key. The Parisian club, which already opened the doors to Messi after the Champions League final, is not the favorite for his signing. The problem is that a team with Neymar, Mbappe and Messi on the squad. For egos and for the money that each one charges. The great hope for PSG would be for Leo to come to the call of his friend Ney, which would rule out his departure and put the spotlight on Mbappé.

Kylian Mbappé passes to the side of the Champions League

Kylian Mbappé goes to the side of the Champions League


Would the sheikh be willing to part with Mbappé to make room for Messi? It would be the million dollar question, although it is true that the relationship with the footballer – who still does not renew his contract – has been wearing thin. If it happens, it is clear that Madrid would be on the front line to sign him. There was talk that before the pandemic the plan was to go for his signing this summer and now Messi could open the door again. Madrid would have no other than to structure its team – it would also have to be sold – although Mbappé may well be worth it.

Also the City, closely pursued by the Financial Fair PlayHe would have to give up one of his stars to sign Messi. Gabriel Jesus, Sterling, De Bruyne… who could be the one sacrificed? Interesting names for every club, including Real Madrid, although not as much as Mbappé’s.

A priori, those who would best have it to make room for Messi would be United and Inter. They have money and it would not be necessary to assume any such traumatic exit to fit the Argentine. Neither the names they have would attract the attention of Madrid. In a quiet summer, with more savings than expenses, an earthquake is coming that can shake everything. The ‘greats’ are already preparing their best cards.

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