Modric disputes a ball during the match between Manchester City and Real Madrid

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Everything foreshadowed than Luka Modric I would play in the 2019/2020 his last season as a player of the Real Madrid. At 34, the Croatian had completed a golden cycle since his arrival in 2012 that will always be remembered for his Golden Ball of 2018 and for being one of the most dominating midfield in the club’s history. In the club they still see this ball wizard expanding his legend with the white jersey next season.

In the last decade, when talking about midfielders you have to include the figure of Modric. It has been transcendental in the most glorious stage of the best team in the world that raised four Champions League in five years and in the meantime led to Croatia to a final of a world. The leader of the most prolific generation in terms of titles that the Balkan country has seen has not had his last word.

When an injury seemed to truncate his 2019/2020 and show that he had fulfilled everything he could give to this club he has fallen in love with since they bet on him in 2012, Modric punched the table in January during the Spain Supercup who would end up lifting, continued to improve his performance and, after confinement, there was no one to remove him from the starting eleven.

Modric disputes a ball during the match between Manchester City and Real Madrid


Real Madrid’s ’10’ has been guaranteed to be part of next season’s squad as there is little doubt that he will continue to perform at the same level. No matter what has arisen Faith Valverde, it does not matter that Martin Odegaard be ready to make the jump to the first squad. The reality is that the veteran and the quality of a player like Modric never exceeds in any team. Even less his hunger to win.

Expert level

The one of Zadar has exceeded expectations, has closed the season with a level above the average of his teammates, has been transcendental in achieving the title of League and has shown to have rope for a while. It has been won during his stay at Real Madrid to decide when to step aside, but that moment will still have to wait.

Modric has also been daring in attack and ends the season with five goals and eight assists in 40 appearances. Up to a total of 2,631 minutes has been added during the year, reaffirming his position as one of the best in the squad despite his age. Years will probably go by and few will even come close to what he has given the club.

Kroos, Modric and Casemiro with the league title number 34

Kroos, Modric and Casemiro with the league title number 34

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Trying to place Modric in the history of Real Madrid is as simple as it is cruel for other great stars. After the Madrid fans have enjoyed midfielders of the stature of their companion of adventures Toni Kroos or others further away in time like Zidane, Round and Martin Vazquez, there is no doubt that the Croatian is at the same or above these races.

The competition

All this has been achieved in the season in which part of the future of the club’s midfield was uncovered. On the one hand, Fede Valverde became the great surprise of the season, surpassing the rest of her teammates with her level. The Uruguayan has also been a pillar on which everything achieved in 2019/2020 has been built. On the other hand, Martin Odegaard established himself in La Liga as the revelation player. The Norwegian has led the Real society to play again in Europe and has shown enough class to return to the entity.

Fede emerged this season as a breath of fresh air more than necessary when the team was having the worst time. That stagnation in the first months of the campaign found in this young South American the answer to compose himself and put on the board a new piece that, in the end, became transcendental to explain the successes of La Liga and the Super Cup. In the second leg of the Champions League against City it was perhaps missed before he entered.

In the case of the Scandinavian, at last all the detractors of his investment have seen the reasons why he signed. After several seasons tanning in Holland, Odegaard came to Spain and his way of being noticed has placed the poster of revelation. There are many who cry out to heaven for their ownership at Real Madrid from the next campaign. The reality is that Zidane will have in his hand a new argument to combine with his current midfield, who continues to be one of the best in the world.

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