Lunin, in his presentation with Real Oviedo

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The only good news for him Real Madrid after the defeat in the Etihad Stadium is that the work to make the squad for next season has already begun. The merengue club will continue to be faithful to its project, with veteran players and other younger talents who gain experience.

This was done last season, giving weight in the team to Rodrygo or Vinicius, and this will be done in these weeks that remain for the start of the 2020/2021 campaign. In a summer where there will be no major transfers at an economic level due to the coronavirus crisis, Real Madrid is calm thanks to its previous bets.

Positions such as midfield or forward are usually the ones that generate the most headlines. However, in the Spanish capital they do not want to leave aside another of the most important positions: the goal. All three clubs are well covered with Courtois, but the Belgian needs a player to back him up when he needs to rest.

The name that Real Madrid has in mind and that will form a duo with the Belgian is Andriy Lunin. The young guard, who signed for Real Madrid in 2018, has convinced the white offices after several assignments. 2020 will be his year and he will occupy the place left by Areola.

Lunin, in his presentation with Real Oviedo

Real Oviedo

Bet for the project

The Ukrainian goalkeeper was not just another signing. It was an operation guided by the project that Real Madrid has established and where the future is fundamental. The merengue entity has been one of the first in Europe who has opted for that tactic: acquire young talent to avoid large outlays later. The scouting network is key.

Lunin arrived in the middle of a transfer bubble. When exceeding the three figures in millionaire checks was common and it became customary. With 19 years and several important weight clubs in Europe such as Liverpool, the goalkeeper signed with Real Madrid with a price of less than 14 million euros.

Time has proved the whole of Chamartin. Not only because of their numbers in the Real Oviedo, where he has had more minutes harvesting up to six games unbeaten, but also for his data with the national team. The young man won the Golden Glove, award for best goalkeeper, in the U20 World Cup 2019. Facts that sat very well in the direction of Real Madrid, which saw how its commitment to the future was settling.

Lunin, congratulated by his Valladolid teammates

Lunin, congratulated by his Valladolid teammates

Closed duo

The return of Lunin to Real Madrid would mean putting an end to the doubts about the goal. The starting goalkeeper is Courteous, which has curdled a season to frame and where it has managed to take the Zamora. The Belgian is irreplaceable, so there will be no fierce competition between the three clubs as it happened in previous seasons.

Lunin and Courtois will coexist perfectly. The incumbent and veteran teaching the youngster and substitute for the future. Courtois, indisputable in La Liga and Champions, He will safely leave his position to Lunin in competitions such as the Cup. In addition, in those matches where Zidane wants to give him rest, the Ukrainian will be as reinforcement.

The output of Areola leaves you the perfect square. The archer, who came from PSG after the departure of Navas, has come to play all three Cup games, four in the League and two in the Champions League. Minutes that next year will be Lunin.

Lunin during a press conference in Oviedo

Lunin during a press conference in Oviedo

Real Oviedo

Own personality

Despite his youth, Lunin knows what it’s like to go from being a star signing to being on the bench. Your minutes in the Valladolid or Leganes They were not expected despite the commotion generated by his signing. But, despite this, the goalkeeper knew how to reverse the situation to consecrate himself at Real Oviedo.

The whole of northern Spain has also gone through difficult times. Without going any further, the day of his debut, which ended with a defeat against him Almeria and with some other failure. The Ukrainian, far from hiding, showed his own personality and that is vital to play for Real Madrid.

“I apologize for yesterday’s mistake. Mistakes help us grow. This category is very similar to Primera, all teams are competitive. The teammates are very good, they help me a lot and I hope that at the end of the season we will be with our heads high” . Months later, Real Oviedo has escaped relegation and has achieved a position in the middle of the table of a highly disputed Second Division.

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