From Casemiro to the BBC: what has changed at Real Madrid since Zidane's arrival in 2016

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The development of the Champions League it has not left Spanish football in a good place. That dominance that had been taking place in recent years was on the tightrope. Coming, like everything in life, to a possible and sad end. The coronavirus crisis molded a special format to finish the competition and football did the rest.

Without fans, in a neutral field and a single match. Conditions that tend to benefit smaller teams. In fact, that was one of the requests that had been made to improve the Copa del Rey in Spain. A form of competition that made it easier for surprises to occur and ended with two-legged goals.

AND Lisbon has fulfilled. The surprises have arrived and, with them, the elimination of all the Spanish teams that competed to win the continental title. He Real Madrid said goodbye before Final to Eight. Athletic and Barcelona They did it later and in a staggered manner. All despite being two of the great favorites to take the throne.

After these eliminations, Spanish football is left without representation in the final leg of the Champions League. Despite having three teams in this resumption of the top competition at club level, The league will not have any representative. On the contrary, the French and German teams are gaining ground and reaffirming the potential of their national leagues.

From Casemiro to the BBC: what has changed at Real Madrid since Zidane’s arrival in 2016

Spain loses after Zidane’s golden era

The good performance of Real Madrid in recent seasons has been one of the keys to showing some leadership in Europe. The box Zidane he chained three consecutive seasons winning. He also added four Champions in five years thanks to La Décima which, curiously, was won in Lisbon.

Before, and with Atlético not being able to contribute that expected Champions League, Barcelona added two titles since 2011. Three if the temporary space is chosen since 2009, when the famous ‘Orejona’ of Rome. In short, of the last ten editions, Spain won six titles (four madridistas and two culés).

A clear domain that this season is coming to an end. No national team in the semifinals and two seasons in a row without winning the title. Something that, in the last decade, had only happened between the 2013 and 2014 editions: between the London from Barcelona and Lisbon from Madrid.

Sterling's failure at City-Lyon

Sterling’s failure at City-Lyon


Lyon supports PSG

French football has celebrated the classification of its two teams like never before. Beyond the internal rivalries between each team, Lyon’s surprise against him Manchester City made Ligue 1 players reaffirm their star status. Tired of the loss of prestige that their national competition usually experiences, references such as Mbappe they have taken out their chests from where they play.

And is not for less. Olympique de Lyon did not have options in this Champions League. Not against Juventus, which they had already managed to win in the first leg, far from it against Manchester City. The English team had beaten Real Madrid and had already seen the previous surprises of the competition. However, those notices were not enough.

Lyon joined PSG in the semifinals and made history. For the first time in the history of the competition (since it was the European Cup) there will be two French clubs one step away from the grand final. Quite an achievement to reaffirm the level of the French national league and more when compared to the absence of English and Spanish clubs in the race for the title. A double.

In addition, it reflects that everything goes beyond the funds of each team. The classification of PSG was almost an obligation considering the investment made in recent seasons. In fact, a defeat would have meant the final goodbye to Tuchel as a Parisian coach. But Lyon had no pressure. They were all enthusiasm and football to become one of the revelation teams of the European season.

It should be noted that the French league did not resume, as did the nonexistent Premier and LaLiga in the Champions League, so there was a gap in games that for many was a risk. The lack of filming could show a difference between the Ligue 1 teams and the rest that had competed. Weeks later, Lyon and PSG have knocked that theory down.

Nagelsmann greets Renan Lodi after the match

Nagelsmann greets Renan Lodi after the match


The German duo

The semifinals will be completed by two German clubs and, as in the case of the French, with a regular and a surprise. He Bayern It also came with many options. He was one of the favorites, also against Barcelona, ​​although that match was seen as one of those that could determine the next Champions League champion.

But, beyond the tradition of the Munich people, few had the Leipzig in the semifinals. The team of Nagelsmann had already fulfilled arriving in Lisbon. Quite an achievement. They had made history and could return to Germany completely satisfied and even more playing against Atlético, who also had a chance to reach the grand final.

Again, a single match, the German team knocked down the Spanish. The third in the Bundesliga, so reviled by many, was charged with his counterpart in La Liga. And, in addition, giving a lesson in tactics. The Athletic of Simeone He did not appear at any time and his low level in attack left much to be desired.

The icing on the cake for the Bundesliga was put by Bayern. Although winning against Barcelona was part of the plans, at no time was the possibility that they would do so with a historic win was considered. 2-8, a figure never fitted by the Catalans in the European competition. And just hours after the champion of the German national competition was devalued from Barcelona. “They don’t play against a Bundesliga team, but against the best in the world,” he warned. Arturo vidal in the previous one.

I did not know that hours later Bayern was going to charge the last Spanish representative in the Champions League, certifying a semifinals with Bundesliga and Ligue 1 taking all the leading role in the best competition in the world at club level.

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