Marco Asensio enjoys his holidays

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The players of the Real Madrid They are in the final stretch of their vacations and seeing the new season on the horizon, or rather, the preseason that will begin in just a few hours. Players will once again be at the command of Zidane shortly and that is why they take the opportunity to finish getting ready and upload their latest adventures to their social networks.

One of the most applied has been Marco Asensio. The Real Madrid player, who has barely been able to tell this season for Zinedine Zidane due to his serious knee injury, knows that the 2020/2021 season will be key for him. The French coach fully trusts him and that is why he will give him stripes in the new course.

It only takes Asensio’s knee to be fully recovered so that he can start the season with the rest of his teammates. With a good preseason and a rhythm of matches, everything indicates that the Mallorcan will once again be that player who dazzled in his first season in white.

Marco Asensio enjoys his holidays

Instagram (marcoasensio10)

Zidane knows that he is enormously talented and that many of the white team’s chances of victory will pass through his left foot in the next season. When Asensio is at his peak, few players have the ability to drive at high speed, escape from opponents and shoot with such precision.

For that reason, the ’20’ of Real Madrid is already crushed even before returning to training. As he has shown in his social networks, he has done it in his other large house, in the facilities of the RCD Mallorca, where he has been seen running, changing rhythms and knocking on the door.

The meeting between Fede and Odegaard

On the other hand, two Real Madrid players who have taken the opportunity to say goodbye to their holidays together have been Martin Odegaard and Faith Valverde. The two young footballers will share a dressing room next year in the white team after the Norwegian has been recovered by the Madrid team after his successful transfer in the Real society.

For his part, the Uruguayan has become a fundamental piece of the team due to the great prominence that Zidane has given him this year, especially in the first half of the season. For this reason, his main objective will be to recover the level shown at the beginning of the year, since his return after confinement was not as overwhelming as Fede is used to showing.

Odegaard and Vaverde sharing a table with Juni Calafat

Odegaard and Vaverde sharing a table with Juni Calafat

Instagram (fedeevalverde)

Both players shared a meal with June Calafat and they did not hesitate to photograph themselves to show one of the possible couples that will make Real Madrid succeed in the coming years. They are two players with a great future ahead of them and who will be at Zidane’s command to start a new season in just a few hours.

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