Reguilón, lying on the ground with a Spanish flag, after winning the Europa League with Sevilla

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He Real Madrid look at the Premier League as a possible source of income in meringues accounts. The British competition, rather its teams, have had their eyes on more than one player from the white squad. And, in addition, in players who are on the transfer list. The capital club is aware that it needs to sell and the English league will help reach the goal of 100 million euros in transfers.

The Premier has economic potential and its clubs have already tackled additions with large numbers. However, when it comes to Real Madrid, there is only one player who could touch a high number in these times of crisis caused by the coronavirus. Among the names with possibilities of leaving, Gareth Bale it would be, a priori, the one that would have to move in a higher figure.

The Welshman, along with three other players, will be able to help ease Real Madrid’s accounts at a difficult time. The Premier League, in all cases, is the favorite destination and news is expected in the coming days. The team of Zidane It will meet very soon and the intention is that only the players who are going to be counted will attend.

Reguilón, lying on the ground with a Spanish flag, after winning the Europa League with Sevilla


Reguilón, listed

The side has curdled a season to frame in Sevilla. Undisputed holder for Julen lopetegui, has evolved both in defense and attack to become one of the keys of the Seville team in achieving the Europa League. His goals in European competition, as well as his display of qualities, has opened several doors for him.

Besides the A series and the League itself, the Premier has also set its eyes on his signing and seems the great favorite. The operation will be more expensive than expected a few months ago, as the Real Madrid youth squad has experienced exponential growth, and will be around 20 million euros with a purchase option for the merengue entity. An important figure that will be welcomed in the coffers of the Santiago Bernabeu.

James and Bale, the eternal exits

The two players do not count for Zidane and the merengue club want him to come out. James is having a much more collaborative attitude, aware that he will not have minutes and showing his intention to have minutes away from the capital. He Everton of Ancelotti It is the best positioned and the transfer, definitive, will be around 30 million euros.

A situation very different from that of Bale, whose environment has been in charge of pressuring ensuring that he will not leave Real Madrid while rumors about a possible return to Tottenham they increase. The club of spurs, with Mourinho on his bench, it is the most feasible exit for the Welsh forward. The only problem in your departure is the payment of the token and the Levy, accustomed to successfully managing the majority of signings, they have funds to assume a good salary.

Dani Ceballos celebrates Arsenal's first goal against Newcastle

Dani Ceballos celebrates Arsenal’s first goal against Newcastle


The unknown of Ceballos

The young player is, of the four names, the one with the most uncertain future. Real Madrid is considering its continuity and a decision has to be made in the coming days. The entity is confident of its potential and its great season in the Arsenal has liked in the capital.

Therefore, his future is between Madrid and Arsenal. The club coach gunner, Mikel Arteta, has already taken a step forward, ensuring that Ceballos himself conveyed his intention to continue in the Premier. However, the last word will come from Real Madrid that has improved its midfield and could do so even more with the reinstatement of the Utreran.

If Ceballos returns to Real Madrid, there will be no modification in the meringues accounts. If, on the other hand, he ends up leaving, the white entity will leave a gap in the staff and in the team’s salary scheme that, in the face of difficult months at the economic level due to Covid-19, will mean a certain relief.

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