Julen Lopetegui, giving orders during Sevilla - Roma of the Europa League

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He Seville faces this Friday what will be his sixth final of Europa League history and will seek to complete the full of triumphs in this competition whenever it has reached this round. In front you will have a Inter Milan which seems to float again after several years wandering aimlessly. Julen lopetegui will have to come up with a formula to stop the pair’s feet Lukaku – Lautaro, but, above all, the Basque coach will seek that Spain forget once and for all the controversy exit from Selection and his short romance with him Real Madrid.

After giving an exhibition with the Seville team on the return to the competition after the break for the coronavirus, Sevilla and Lopetegui have shown that they are one of the fittest teams in Europe and have been planted in this final beating Rome, Wolverhampton and Manchester United. The version that he has shown in recent months has allowed him to count each game practically by victory, classify the entity again for the Champions League and seek victory this Friday to round out a full season.

Came to the neighborhood of Nerve discussed. The past weighed too heavily. The turbulence he experienced on the flight that took him from Port to Selection and from the national team to Real Madrid to lead to the strike caused doubts in the Sevilla fans that the sports management was in charge of solving. Now, only with good work in sports, he has gotten the support of a rather complicated parish.

The heavy past

Lopetegui was going to fulfill a dream by accepting the offer from Real Madrid after the 2018 World Cup in Russia ended. But it turned into a nightmare. The situation led to a non-transitory insanity in the Federation environment, which was being pressed with a solution. In fact, Luis Rubiales landed on Krasnodar on the evening of the same day his hiring was announced and declared that he would “act responsibly.”

Julen Lopetegui, giving orders during Sevilla – Roma of the Europa League


He took the frying pan by the handle and dismissed him in front of the media gathering in the press room. The highest president of Spanish football dismissed, two days before the World Cup, the Real Madrid coach claiming that he did not find out about the signing of Lopetegui by the white team until five minutes before the announcement. Rubiales’ delirium became that the National Team fell in the second round against Russia in the penalty shootout.

The nightmare was consummated with his short period of time on the bench. His time at Real Madrid lasted four months. He would not complete even the first season of a three-year contract after a streak in which he could only win at Viktoria pilzn of the last six meetings. The former coach would precipitate events after receiving a 5-1 in the Camp Nou that would take the shame out of a rebuilding staff.

End doubts

Monchi he played a large part of his credit with the hiring of Julen due to the suspicions of a large part of the Sevilla fans, but the bet could not be better. Rooms in The league, with a Champions place for next year, and now in the grand final of the Europa League. But it is not worth arriving. The history of Sevilla in this competition forces them to win. From there he will definitely win over Sevilla. Otherwise, it will be one more, as it was in the previous stages.

Julen Lopetegui, in a match for Sevilla in the Europa League

Julen Lopetegui, in a match for Sevilla in the Europa League


Things usually turn out very well for the former Sevilla goalkeeper and this commitment to the one who was also a goalkeeper, but for Real Madrid, Logroñés, Barça and Lightning, is one more example. Lopetegui has made a daring sports bet, but he could not have had the same success without having counted on the successes of Monchi in the hiring of Diego Carlos, Jules Kooundé, Fernando rule and Lucas Ocampos. The Basque put the idea, the Andalusian the pieces.

In the month of February, when he could not go from a draw to zero against the ClujI heard whistles at the Sánchez Pizjuán and shouts of “resignation.” “You have to respect the fans,” he wielded after the match. Now that pressure has changed for spirit, he has a whole city behind him with the illusion of continuing to maintain that special idyll with the competition. And they also intend that Lopetegui will last for a while.

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