Florentino Pérez, very affectionate with Vinicius

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He Real Madrid faces a summer in which the illusion remains intact in the face of a panorama in which the hiring is conspicuous by its absence due to the circumstances that has brought with him the Covid-19. Without signings, Real Madrid have to look for reasons to believe in the squad for next season and have two important incentives in Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo Goes.

The two players are part of that plan that the club opted for after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo understanding a new panorama in the transfer market in which they no longer had a privileged situation. The meringues feel the continuous threat of the club-states in the neck and that they also try to take these Brazilian pearls.

The two Brazilians have had their moments of splendor last season and have once again raised the base from which they will start in September when the kickoff is given to the 2020/2021. They are two more than consistent arguments to believe that the attack will go further in terms of the numbers beaten by the growth of the white pearls.

‘Vini’ and his goal

Vinicius, in his second full campaign, has gained even more prominence in events as important as The classic or like the Champions. The white ’25’ will face the third as the year in which its weight will be practically a replacement of guarantees; even starting in the event that there is an injury in the attack. The indisputability is an impossible degree in this club, but the future is in their hands after what we have seen this past year.

Florentino Pérez, very affectionate with Vinicius

That constant problem since his landing at the white club with his way of facing the rival goal little by little is finding a solution. Vinicius has shown more facility to score goals and, once he forgets all those torments that from some sectors have loaded him in his backpack, everything indicates that the winger will finally break into a star.

The work of Zidane To chisel out a delicate mind, as is normal for an 18-year-old who arrives at the biggest club in history, it has been vital for this rough diamond to look a little more like the star it will be in the future not too far away. Vinicius has come to Real Madrid to mark his time and he has all the tools in his hand to do so.


Rodrygo has surprised friends and strangers. Since he began his career in the Castile it took little time to convince Zidane to give him a chance. Come on, if he took advantage of it, scoring the minute he entered the field at the Santiago Bernabéu. His baptism was completed with the hat-trick in the Champions League and the responsibility of ownership in important appointments such as the last one against him Manchester City. He has the goal in his veins, he has scored more than Vinicius and it is a matter of time before he breaks into a world-class extreme.

Rodrygo Goes celebrates his goal against Bruges

Rodrygo Goes celebrates his goal against Bruges


That gift that allows him to see the goal easier than other players is his great strength. But it also accompanies it with an overflow that eliminates rivals quite easily. As soon as the confidence is complete, that ability to throw against the defender and eliminate him will be key to generating chances. If he continues to improve in this facet, Real Madrid’s three-quarter line is going to be lethal.

You will probably also develop your trajectory by centering your position forward. That scoring nose invites us to think that he could have a future as a forward. That speed that it also reaches while driving and that some, in advance, compared with that of Ronaldo Nazario, She is very attractive. It remains to be seen how she will polish those qualities that the Madrid fans are falling in love with.

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