Zidane, thoughtful, during a Real Madrid game

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Zinedine Zidane it is not enough to lead the Real Madrid. The coach wants more, loves football and everything related to this sport. For this reason, it has promoted various projects with the intention of transmitting the best possible values. The latter is called ‘Zidane Five Club‘, a training program for the little ones.

The Real Madrid coach gave an interview to AFP and he reviewed the past season, anomalous where you have them and in which the merengue team managed to win two titles: one League and the Super Cup. The Frenchman, who will remain on the white bench despite not having secured it in public, once again repeated his professional motto: think about today and not tomorrow.

ZizouAsked about his future, he stressed that he is an “atypical” coach since he has no “a career plan“His only goal is to enjoy doing his job and when that changes, he will choose to take another path.” I just enjoy training every day, just like I did when I was a player. And, when this is not the case and something else has to be done, i will do something else“.

That is why he does not think about where he will train in the coming seasons, when he leaves the Spanish capital. He does not rule out being the coach of his country. “We all have a story,” he said, and his “was beautiful until the last game” despite having “ups and downs.” However, “that does not touch now“An answer that you also use if asked about doing it in the Flirt 1. “Day by day”, he stressed to AFP.

Zidane, thoughtful, during a Real Madrid game


Under his baton, the painting of Chamartin He has won a long-awaited league, one of the days that the former player and now Real Madrid coach will never remember. It was “a great satisfaction and joy.” “I could say that the day we won it was almost one of the happiest days of my life,” he said. The reason is none other than their difficulty in getting it. It even puts it at the height of a Champions.

The thorn of the Champions

The meringue box was eliminated before the Manchester City. The comeback was not consummated and Madrid said goodbye to the season. That, however, was not the only surprise of the competition and both Atlético and Barcelona also had to leave earlier than expected.

Two French clubs remain like him PSG and the Lyon. The first are already in the final. And that reflects, according to Zidane, that they have had an “exceptional” season. Parisians especially, since they have been building the project for “several years.” His achievements are “deserved” and are due to the work he has done, since “luck doesn’t exist” in this sport.

The simple fact that there are two Frenchmen among the four best clubs on the continent, as many other French players have defended, dignifies their competition. “It’s great,” Zidane specified, because Ligue 1 is “a great league”, with a “difficult championship” and despite the fact that people often speak “a little badly” about it.

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