Gareth Bale, Tottenham footballer.  Photo: Instagram (@ garethbale11)

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Bale is happy. His departure from Real Madrid It was one of the most anticipated situations for both the player and the club. Did not count for Zidane and the Welshman wanted more minutes. That is why its transfer to Tottenham it has pleased both parties. The forward, calm and comfortable after months of tension, is explaining his first days back to the Spurs in various interviews.

The star signing of Mourinho, once again for Sky Sports, has related how his last times were at Real Madrid. In Spain Bale was singled out and harshly criticized. Despite the statistics that support his success in the capital, he did not hesitate to earn the respect of certain media, which put him in the center of the bullseye on numerous occasions.

And, according to Bale, it’s all because his decision to walk away from the cameras was not respected. “I am very quiet, I try to stay as normal as possible and away from the cameras and media. Perhaps that’s what they didn’t like there -in Spain- “, he assured the British chain.

The Welshman, in addition, has recognized that in the capital he did not perform at the highest level. “I was a little flatThe whole world could see it, “said Bale. However, the mental factor has a great relevance in this lack of explosion.” When you are not happy, it is difficult to play at the highest level.

Gareth Bale, Tottenham footballer. Photo: Instagram (@ garethbale11)

The scorer believes that “it was time for a change.” The decision had been made long ago, “but it had not materialized.” This summer, that history of several seasons, has closed. “I felt it was a good time to go back.

His debut with Tottenham

Bale’s first call-up with Mourinho’s Tottenham still has no exact date. The Portuguese coach will have to wait a few weeks, and the striker returned injured from the UEFA Nations League. According to the first medical examinations, this new Bale debut will not take place for another month.

Mourinho, however, was optimistic about a possible reduction in deadlines. The fact that Bale was very happy in England could help him get back on the pitch earlier. Something that only time will show.

What is a fact is that Bale is “happy to be back.” In this same interview he emphasizes that he feels “very happy and confident” and with his “energy levels” almost through the roof. “This club means a lot to me, it gave me my opportunities.”

At Tottenham he will not trouble his position in the field. He can play “anywhere” on the offensive side, both on the right, where he feels “comfortable” or even behind the striker. What is clear to him is that he is not “the twenty-something who runs 90 yards on the band every two seconds.”

Speed ​​was one of his main characteristics in the English club. Now, he acknowledges, he has learned to “choose the right moments“.” When you’re younger, you want to impress and hit 100% all the time. But when you have the experience, you can control yourself, handle the game and handle the situations that you find yourself in. “

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