Rodrygo and Vinicius, in Real Madrid's first training session

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The league is about to begin for the Real Madrid and the team of Zidane has been accumulating significant casualties in recent days. Almost all of them have concentrated in the attack zone, which has caused the French coach to have to devise a special plan for the start of the competition and thus be able to find an option that is forceful in the face of the rival goal. Ultimately, a plan to find the best possible companions of Benzema.

The technician has several options, but the plague of injuries has left him practically tied hands and feet and with almost no alternatives. Only the breadth of the squad will save the attack line and the team’s ability to score in the first league match that the Whites will play, which will be on September 20 at the Royal Arena Front of Real society.

If nothing changes, Karim Benzema will be there, as an offensive reference for Zinedine Zidane’s team. However, the Madrid player is already looking for partners to form an offensive trident that could put the team in trouble. Imanol Sheriff, one of the teams that played the best football last year thanks to, among other players, Martin Odegaard.

Rodrygo and Vinicius, in Real Madrid’s first training session

However, despite the casualties, Zidane will be able to activate the Brazilian plan with Vinicius and Rodrygo to accompany Benzema at the top and launch an absolutely fearsome lead. Youth, self-confidence, dribbling and a goal to accompany a Benzema who this year wants to reconfirm the good feelings shown last year. The Brazilian plan is presented as Zidane’s great asset in the face of casualties.

Hazard will have to wait

Everything indicates that the Belgian will not be in the league debut in Saint Sebastian. He is currently out of the team and has not trained with the group since he returned from his concentration with the Belgian national team. Hazard He is a somewhat special player who did not have a good season last year, too punished by injuries. Now, you will make a special plan to get back to the max as soon as possible.

In the club they are in no rush with Eden, since they want you to feel completely recovered, to lose that fear that makes you worry excessively about your operated ankle and to put yourself physically to the best of your abilities so that you can prove yourself to be that World Top5 player within you. At the club they do not want any more relapses, so they will give him the opportunity to return to the maximum so that from that moment, the real Hazard, the one that all Real Madrid expects, takes off.

Removals and discards

The return of Real Madrid to training has not been exactly the desired, since, right now, it collects casualties in the attack zone. The whites have returned to training with several injuries that reduce Zidane’s options to form a guaranteed forward despite Vinicius and Rodrygo biding their time.

One of the first to be injured was Isco Alarcon. The man from Malaga had a sprained ankle that was going to keep him away from the team for about 10 days at a very inappropriate time. The one of honey Creek He is already exercising on the pitch, although he is still on the sidelines of his teammates, so one week before La Liga starts, it seems difficult for him to arrive on time.

Isco Alarcón exercises alone

Isco Alarcón exercises alone

In a similar situation he finds himself Marco Asensio. The Mallorcan footballer withdrew from the concentration of the Spanish team after suffering a blow in training. The affected area, the knee that was operated on for his cruciate ligament injury, set off all the alarms, but the tests diagnosed that it was only an edema. Since then, the player was forced to stop his physical activity and rest, and now he trains inside the facilities of the Real Madrid sports city, waiting to complete his recovery process to return with the rest of his companions.

The other footballer touched in the attacking zone is Lucas Vazquez, who did not train on Friday with the rest of his teammates due to an overload. The three, each in their measure, will have to make up the preseason work done by their teammates before they return to the competition. The other player who has also returned touched is Gareth Bale. The Welshman could be an alternative to the plague of injuries, but he has returned with a blow to the knee of the concentration with his selection. However, Bale’s situation in Madrid and, particularly with Zidane, has not changed, so it was unlikely that a dismissal like him could be at that start of the league, and more as a starter accompanying Benzema in attack.

A change of plan

The best option for that forward decimated by losses seems to be the Brazilian plan with Rodrygo and Vinicius at the helm, however, it is not the only alternative that Zidane has. If the Frenchman decides to vary the system, he could introduce other tactical drawings that would also allow him to create a dangerous team with a lot of power to score.

One of those alternatives could be to play with two forwards and four midfielders, so that Luka jovic could accompany Benzema in the attack point and in the middle a fourth midfielder could enter as Odegaard or Faith Valverde. In this way, Zidane would vary his plan of three forwards and strengthen the core.

Jovic in Real Madrid training

Jovic in Real Madrid training

Another option, perhaps more risky, would be to play with a forward like Benzema and accompany him with several hookups from behind such as Odegaard himself or Luka Modric, so that the whites added arrival to the second-line players. Zidane already has one of his first puzzles of the season, which he will have to solve in just a few days while he continues to recover injured.

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