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The end of the 2019/2020 season was marked from the outset by the health pandemic. The coronavirus forced to modify the competition formats, eliminated the public from the stands and promoted a Champions League history where there was more than one surprise in terms of sports results. And, as a result of what happened in Lisbon, the topic of greatest repercussion in the world of football was opened in recent years.

Leo messi decided to step forward and officially asked to leave the FC Barcelona. The Argentine sent a burofax to the club where he referred to a clause of his contract by which he could leave the entity whenever he wanted and for free. The news was not publicly confirmed, although both parties privately leaked that the communication had occurred.

From that moment on, a whole war between Leo Messi and the Josep Maria Bartomeu that forced legends of the entity to enter the debate and that, after a few days of uncertainty and ups and downs, has ended with a historic interview with the Argentine criticizing the president and his management of the club.

The situation has been compared at certain times with that experienced at Real Madrid two seasons ago. The merengue club also had to face the departure of its most precious star. Cristiano Ronaldo He moved to the merengue club that he wanted new challenges and that happened by leaving the Santiago Bernabeu. But, despite what happened in Barcelona, ​​Ronaldo’s process lasted less and was cordial.

One of the keys is in the support that both presidents have. While Josep María Bartomeu lives in constant instability, Florentino Pérez has convinced thanks to his management as president of Real Madrid. Faced with the lack of titles in the Camp Nou, the white leader has led with his project and work team one of the golden times of the entity characterized by four Champions in five years.

The war of Bartomeu and Messi

Bartomeu has been indicated by Leo Messi after his last interview. The player has made it clear that his president has broken his word on several occasions and that he has been an important part in blocking his departure. It was the 700 million euro clause or nothing. And, finally, the decision made is due in part to wanting to flee from any legal conflict with the club.

The top Catalan president denied from the outset the possibility of Messi leaving Barcelona. There was no chance. He had a contract and they counted on him. “Messi is still the best player in the world. It is number 1 and we have it. And each project that is done is done thinking that we have the best player in the world and in making his qualities grow. In the new project Koeman has Messi of all of them, “he snapped. To this he added some statements in which he advanced a ‘purge’ of the most veteran, increasing the tension in the locker room.

The player, insistent, requested a meeting with the board to discuss his situation. He wanted his departure to be agreed and thus settle the controversy. Bartomeu rejected any possible encounter except that it was to renew, which caused that Messi refused to go to train.

The resolution of this story has been simple. Messi will continue a year against his will. Bartomeu has managed to keep his star, but without gaining confidence in his project and with the fans against him. The Barcelona fans, who have already shown their anger with actions that border on illegality, have not had a direct message from their ’10’.

Florentino Pérez and Cristiano Ronaldo

Florentino Pérez and Cristiano Ronaldo


The pact of Cristiano and Florentino Pérez

The president of Real Madrid fought for the continuity of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese has been one of the best signings made by the merengue leader. They had a good relationship and their complicity had been seen in public. For all this it was difficult to get rid of Cristiano so easily.

However, given the insistence of the forward, the merengue club decided to give him the freedom to choose his future. Cristiano could play wherever he wanted if an offer was made. While the Catalan club has referred to its 700 million clause, the merengue entity decided to facilitate Cristiano’s goodbye by lowering the amount of his sale to an acceptable amount and hovering around the 100 million euros.

But, in addition, Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo gave the corresponding importance to the fans. The forward wrote a kind of farewell letter, published and shared by the capital’s entity, where the Portuguese said goodbye to the usual followers of the Santiago Bernabéu. In short, an agreed, calm and elegant goodbye where there were no public wars or rudeness to the fans.

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