Fede Valverde celebrates his goal against Real Betis

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He Real Madrid won his first match in The league 2020/2021 after beating Betis 2-3 in the Benito Villamarin. For this match, Zinedine Zidane bet on a starting eleven with Faith Valverde, who had not been from the game in the league premiere against the Real society.

Precisely, the Uruguayan midfielder has been the protagonist of the space Real Madrid Connect from the club’s television. The player has assured that he feels “with great enthusiasm and desire, as always”. “Game by game, as we always say,” Valverde said.

‘The Little Bird’ has analyzed the victory against Betis in Seville, for which he was key thanks to his goal. He also spoke about the goal scored against the Verdiblanco team and left a statement that Real Madrid was not slow to applaud: “Until my legs burst I will keep running, and if I can score much better.”

Victory against Betis

“It was a very tough game, they have many quality players and they play well. They are good at defending and the games are difficult. We did well, we pressed when the coach asked for it and it was shown. The joy is over and we have to think about looking for another win on Wednesday. “

Theft of his in goal

“Yes. Many times the coach tells me that when I steal or drive, I got to the area. I had to score and it is a beautiful joy, it is very enjoyable. It gives you motivation to grow. It talks about the work we do pressing.”

Fede Valverde celebrates his goal against Real Betis


Your role in the field

“Midfielders are part of that. I like to leave everything on the field. My role is to run as much as I can, my desire is to run until I can no more. Until my legs burst I will keep running, and if I can score much better. “

Pass effectiveness

“I am correcting that as I grow as a footballer. We have to improve and work, that facet is the one that I have to improve. Running for running is useless. If you can do passing a ball well in addition to running, it helps personally “.

Zidane’s message

“That cheers me up. It was demonstrated in the goal, that I go to the attack when I can because I have the ability, that when I can drive I do it to overcome lines. I always listen to Zidane because he speaks to you for good.

71 white matches

“They contribute a lot to me. The rivalry within the team is very beautiful. We compete but there is that good vibe that makes you grow. When you play they are aware to give you support and good advice. Being advised makes me grow a lot and fills me with pride and happiness that people who have earned so much give me advice and help me “.

Fede Valverde celebrates his goal against Real Betis with his teammates

Fede Valverde celebrates his goal against Real Betis with his teammates


Help in the goal

Today it is not worth leaving the forwards alone upstairs, you have to help. Midfielders must be part of everything when attacking and defending. If we help with goals it is welcome, our job is to do our bit “.

Congratulations on the goal

“When a goal is scored, friends appear … But I always stay with my family, the people around me. They are always there to help you, advise you …”.


“I did several celebrations. I don’t mark many so when I do I dedicate it to many people. Especially for my wife, my son, my father and my mother. I also made a D for my brother because it was his birthday.”

Fede as father

Yes, well… When I get home he is always very happy and that fills a father with happiness. See the image that my wife sent me looking at the iPad… I don’t think it’s the 90 minutes, but I was just looking and I was very happy “.

Life away from the country

“I am very calm. My life has not changed much. Happiness for giving everything to my son. They are crazy with him, I have gone to the background but the important thing is that he is well.

Fede Valverde defends a ball during the duel against Betis

Fede Valverde defends a ball during the duel against Betis

The league

Next match

Brings you nice memories. A Madrid player must be happy just to come to train. The team is excited to return to Di Stéfano. “

The best of the template

There is plenty of quality, there are many players who have won everything. That is exemplary. For young people, seeing them train hard makes you more motivated. The union we have… When it is your turn to play, everyone is there to support you. We all have to pull on the same side with the same goal: to win many titles. “

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