Bale and Levy's supposed golf match

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Fans of Tottenham prepare to receive back to Gareth Bale in the next few hours. The Welshman returns to Spurs, where he will play on loan next season, and there are already many who try to hunt down the first image of the footballer in London. In the networks a ‘mysterious’ (and supposed) game of golf that Bale would keep this Friday has gained strength, Daniel levy, Tottenham president, and Steve Hitchin, head of scout for the English club.

I round a picture showing the three names on the golf course reservation list. However, there are those who do not believe in the veracity of the photo and point out that it would be retouched. The reality is that Bale travels to London this Friday and, in a day in which she will pass medical tests and sign her new contract, and we have to see if she would have time to play a round of golf.

The English media have not been slow to talk about this assumption and give details of the field in which the three would play. Is he Hadley wood, a weekday game course costs £ 80 and membership costs £ 2,283. It is located near Tottenham’s training center, located in Enfield, making it a familiar course for club and first team members.

Bale and Levy’s supposed golf match

Avalanche of reservations

The madness has been such among Tottenham fans that many have reserved the track this Friday to try to greet Bale on his return to the Spurs. The reactions have not stopped and the official account of Twitter from the center has responded: “We have never had so many requests on Friday afternoons!”, you can read in his profile.

Bale, Levy and Hitchin’s names appear on the reservation form. It can be seen until the time of the reservation, set for 1:52 p.m., which makes many do not believe that the image is real.

Bale’s goodbye

Bale says goodbye to Real Madrid. After seven seasons as a white player, an era is ending – at least for now if he returns next summer – in a way that none of them wanted when the best Bale was seen on the field of play. But the last two seasons of the Welsh footballer buried everything and now one of the most desired outings for the club and Real Madrid is consummated.

Real Madrid ends with the great soap opera of his team, extended for two summers. A new page in the club’s history will begin to be written without Bale in it, although behind it he leaves very good memories that the last two years should not blur when one remembers in the future what Gareth was for Madrid

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