Toni Kroos looks at the stands of Santiago Bernabéu after the goal

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Words of Zidane are a true reflection of what has happened in the locker room during his two spells as coach of the Real Madrid. Toni Kroos He is not only an idol for Real Madrid, he is an example and reference of a squad that made history and that is now on the way to forging a successful generation with young players. The talent and experience of the veterans is setting the stage to repeat the very successful decade that the team signed with the example of last year. The German will continue to be key in that regard this season and one of the best players in the championship.

Although he does not wear the bracelet, the Frenchman highlighted that character in an interview this week. “When I arrived, well, you can imagine, I was really happy to be Kroos’ coach. It’s true, when I retire I can say that I trained Christian, Bale, Modric, Bouquets… But I will also say that I trained Toni Kroos. He is not one of the four captains, but for many other things, deep down, he is, “said his coach.

The reality is that since his arrival he has changed the team. He is shy in character, but little by little he has been taking a few stripes that Zidane himself revealed that they have helped to solve conflicts. “Toni does not speak, he is a very quiet and reserved boy, but when he does it is because he plays. And he speaks to anyone: coach, managers, colleagues … He does not cut himself. I have seen many discussions in which his participation has ended up being key “, explained the technician.


The midfielder has entered his thirties with an exceptional performance. When he got the third Champions League In a row it seemed to have reached its zenith, but this year it has shown that it still has a lot of football on its legs. The example is that neither the emergence of Faith Valverde, nor the arrival of young promises like Ceballos or the stay of players settled as Isco and James Rodriguez they have managed to age him before his time.

Toni Kroos looks at the stands of the Santiago Bernabéu after the goal


The example is that you keep going with your selection when GermanyIn recent times, it has been withdrawing its players very early. Nobody can afford to do without a player of his level. The achievement of Brazil World Cup It could not have been understood without Kroos on the turf of the stadiums of the South American country. Now, the new German generations grow up under his protection.

But it is that his character has also been winning over the madridistas. The declarations what he did in the previous match before Spain of this Thursday referring to a signing of Leo messi for Real Madrid are an example of this variable. “I do not think it will come, if I have to rule it out categorically. To say it in Spanish: for that you have to have balls,” he explained, pronouncing the last word in perfect Spanish.

The best midfield

Next to Casemiro and Luka Modric will form one more year the best midfield in the world. The Croatian, when he seemed a lawyer to think about taking a step aside, has been one of the best of the team on the return; meanwhile, the Brazilian has shown once again that he has no replacement.

Kroos, Modric and Casemiro with the league title number 34

Kroos, Modric and Casemiro with the league title number 34

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His versatility was explained by Zidane; is an all-in-one player. “He is so good that he could play as ‘6’, as a pure midfielder, as a midfielder or even as ’10.’ You put him on and he conforms. His main virtue is serenity,” detailed the Real Madrid coach.

In addition, that partnership that he has formed in recent years with Sergio Ramos in every corner has been practically the great offensive threat of the team. The one of Greifswald knows that he has the best partners, he is the best enhancer for Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard or Vinicius and his stripes on the field are vital for the team to continue to maintain its options to get all the titles.

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