James Rodríguez: from Real Madrid to Everton (25M)

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These are not good times to spend millions on signings … but even less if it is a club of The league. Spanish teams are struggling and the numbers so far show that they do so more than those of the other major Spanish leagues. Europe. The coronavirus crisis hits hard and seems to be doing it more fiercely in Spain, where it sells more than ever compared to what is recorded.

The La Liga data in the transfer market this summer is devastating. The balance at this point is a positive balance of 79.15 million euros between purchases and sales of the 20 teams of First division. At the moment, 288.4 million euros have been invested in transfers and 367.5 ‘kilos’ have been entered. In addition to being very low numbers that have nothing to do with the trend that was taking place every summer, they are not similar in the balance of recent years.

The League was used to being a more buying league than selling. Especially if you talk at the level of their big clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Athletic…), it is normal for the balance to be more expenses than income each year. To be clear, never before in the history of the competition has it been sold at that level above purchases. Those 79 million of positive balance had never occurred until now.

James Rodríguez: from Real Madrid to Everton (25M)

There have been specific cases in which, in the 21st century, more was entered than was sold at the end of the summer. The last one, in fact, was not long ago. Three summers ago, La Liga teams brought in 62 million more than what was spent. Of course, the numbers (679.6M in revenue and 617.5M in sales) doubled the total of the current ones in both cases, as the final figure was still lower.

Better balance than Neymar’s summer

That summer was the one that was sold to Neymar to the PSG, which makes it more understandable that so much money was entered. They also said goodbye to their teams Morata (from Real Madrid to Chelsea), Theo Hernandez (from Atlético to Real Madrid) or Vitolo (from Sevilla to Atlético).

Arthur Melo: from Barcelona to Juventus (72M)

Arthur Melo: from Barcelona to Juventus (72M)


The names of this summer that are leaving are no less than then. Arthur and his 72 million (from Barcelona to Juventus), Achraf and his 40 million (from Real Madrid to Inter), Rodrigo Moreno and his 30 million (from Valencia to Leeds United), James Rodriguez and his 25 million (from Real Madrid to Everton) or Ferran Torres and his 23 million (from Valencia to Manchester City). And all of them also have in common that they left La Liga this summer to play in Italy or England.

Twelve of the 20 teams in La Liga have a zero or positive balance in the absence of a little less than a month before the close of the transfer market. Real Madrid takes the cake, which has been serious about saving this summer and does not present any expenditure on transfers for now and has already entered more than 90 million euros in the departure aspect.

Ferrán Torres: from Valencia to Manchester City (23M)

Ferrán Torres: from Valencia to Manchester City (23M)


Light years from the Premier League

The crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is becoming more evident in Spanish teams than in the rest. Only the A series sells more overall among the majors compared to La Liga. The Italians have already spent 570 million euros on transfers (282 more than the Spanish) and have entered 583 ‘kilos’ (216 more than the Spanish), but their balance is only 13.3 million in positive. The other that presents a positive balance of the big five is the Bundesliga, but there are 24.3 million that are far from the 79 in La Liga.

And the worst thing about it is how far away the Premier League, which continues to open a gap as the giant between the leagues in Europe when until not long ago La Liga was placed above. The English clubs (among the Havertz, Werner, Van de Beek, Aké and others already mentioned that come from La Liga) have spent a whopping 829 million euros and entered “only” 306 million. The balance is negative and -523 million. The League goes on ‘sales’ this summer and loses steam among the greats of Europe.

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