Leo Messi, in a Barcelona match during the 2019/2020 season

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Leo messi stays. Yes, for the moment and only until 2021. It is bound by a clause that the Argentine understands in a way and Bartomeu of other. The spirit of the contract was that he could decide when and how to leave the Barça club, however the president of Barcelona did not keep his word and, in the end, he will end his term in March without being the one who fired Messi. At least de facto.

In any type of commercial relationship, such as that between Barça and Messi, staying where you no longer want to be is the prologue to the problems that will come later. It is often said that footballers play where they want and it is that when they start to hit the ball without feeling like it is better to sell and, at least, put money in the piggy bank.

Messi will continue at Barça, earning more than 100 million euros gross. Come on, there is no need to feel sorry for him either. And as of January, what will be, almost certainly, its departure in the summer of 2021 will begin to close.

Leo Messi, in a Barcelona match during the 2019/2020 season


For years it has been said that “Messi has kidnapped the club.” Now it seems that it is different and it is Barcelona that is holding the ’10’ hostage. A toxic relationship where no one wins. Messi and Barça now only hurt each other. They may have a touch and moment of furtive love, but everything will end in a hangover and a new disappointment in a short time.

Also, Koeman He does not seem the best to pamper and lead Messi with his left hand. We talk about the coach who riled up himself Joaquin. His strength has never been personal relationships and, precisely now, that is what Barcelona needs most sportingly after Leo’s forced decision.

Dynamite in a locker room that can explode at any moment. And that the season has not started. That Messi stays is a bad business, since this means that Barça runs out of money to carry out a reconstruction that will have to eat whoever comes after Bartomeu. A millionaire debt and no sports project, the inheritance that good old Josep María leaves his successor.

The future of Barça

In hours, Pedri, Riqui Puig and Ansu fati They will pass the leadership of the Barça ‘revolution’. Hard times those that lie ahead in the Barcelona club and it is that three weeks after the 2-8 against him Bayern there has not been a single signing. Nor can they excite the ‘new’ goals culés. The Wijnaldum or Memphis they are far from being players to lead an entire Barcelona. Maybe they come back ‘The Borgarde’ and Bartomeu’s ‘gaspartrization’ is the president’s last service to Real Madrid.

Riqui Puig, with Barcelona

Riqui Puig, with Barcelona


Because for Real Madrid everything is good news. The maximum Barça rival in The league rubs his hands. It is not for less. Messi remains unhappy, blocks the renewal of the squad and in the environment a whiff of civil warfare already flies over the next few months marked by the elections and the future of Leo far from the Camp Nou.

Ronald has a job, but it will be difficult to get to March. In fact, finishing the season would already be a victory for the Dutchman. Because no one doubts that the new president, either Font, Laporta or another, will bring under his arm a new technician. Like Setien, Koeman has the acting placard on before starting. And we already saw how it ended Quique, embedded by Bayern in the quarterfinals of the Champions.

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