Marcelo during a Real Madrid training session

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Marcelo vieira faces a new season in the Real Madrid. He will be the fifteenth as a white player, he will continue to be the second captain of the squad and he will once again have the confidence of Zidane. The Brazilian is already a legend in the merengue entity, but it still has rope for a while. This was made clear last season when some calls came to inquire about his situation.

Nobody is going to discover the Brazilian player now. But neither can one deny the confidence of one of the best full-backs that Madrid has seen, The league and the world. Zidane, in this last season, opted for him despite the criticism and Marcelo responded to great performances in such momentous matches as the last one Classic.

His experience, his stripes in the locker room and his offensive game to dominate with the ball are the main incentives for the French coach to bet one more year on Marcelo. The French know that the Rio de Janeiro It was one of the great pillars of the successes he has achieved in his still short coaching career. He wants him for this new season and the side has shown him that he is up for the big dates.

Marcelo during a Real Madrid training session

Each time the footballers take care of themselves more and that translates into better physicality of the teams. Zidane knows it and together with Gregory Dupont, the physical trainer of the first team, has been insisting his players about it for the last year. Real Madrid has evolved to that trend until transforming a Marcelo who was criticized for his form and now everyone praises.

Her future

With a contract until 2022 and 32 years, Marcelo aims to continue filling the showcases of the Santiago Bernabeu as he has done during his career as a Real Madrid player. Although it is true that the possibility of taking a step aside from next summer is still open, he does not think beyond a new year in which he will try again to get a new one. Champions League to make his legend something even bigger, if that is possible.

In a conversation with Fabio Cannavaro in Instagram made his intentions clear. I don’t want to go out and I think Madrid wouldn’t let me. Here I am very well. Since I have come here with my family, I have an incredible story. I do not know if it is true that the Juve he really loves me, “Marcelo explained when rumors about a possible exit to Turin those last few months were topical.

Marcelo warms up before the match against Real Sociedad

Marcelo warms up before the match against Real Sociedad


The marriage that he has established with Zidane also ensures that future and every time he has the opportunity, he explains it: “People thought that he could not manage the Madrid dressing room with so many big weights and he has made it incredible. When he arrived, we were at one point very hard, we won almost nothing, and with work and humility, just that, understanding the players, we have achieved a lot “.

Mendy and its importance

Although it is no longer a fixed on the left side, its alternation with Ferland mendy It has been a blessing. The fact that the Frenchman has taken on more importance in the squad has given him a break in terms of responsibility and physicality. This last issue has also been a very important factor for Marcelo to continue to treasure quality in his legs. He is just as fine as when he began his career in white and in the coaching staff they are very satisfied with his abilities for his 32 years.

The French side arrived at Real Madrid at the request of Zidane and the merengue coach has been alternating the participation of one and the other throughout the entire 2019/2020. The bet on the Gaul caused that Sergio Reguilon had to leave yielded to Seville. Right now all three are in Valdebebas, but the continuity of the Brazilian has forced the youth squad to leave for another year on loan or to leave money in the club’s coffers.

In fact, based on a prediction he made a few months ago Olocip, Marcelo was the most reliable of the three. In any case, whatever Zidane decides within that alternation, the Frenchman will have with him a captain and leader in Marcelo or an alternate of guarantees for Mendy.

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