Kieran Trippier and Mariano Díaz fight for an aerial ball

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The future of Mariano diaz still stagnant. Real Madrid chose to leave on loan, but he has rejected the latest offers received. I was not going to have a place in the team Zidane and in the merengue entity it opened the door for this new campaign. However, what at first seemed like a closed operation, has been more complicated than expected and only their messages remain on the networks.

And it is that Mariano has rejected the latest offer from Benfica. The Portuguese club, as indicated by the Portuguese newspaper A Ball, has not seen with good eyes the economic figures that the Benfica has put him on the table. These would be 2.5 million euros of salary, an amount that reaches the salary cap of the Portuguese entity and that would place it among the best paid of the staff.

However, compared to what Mariano earns at Real Madrid, the chip would be much lower. In the merengue club he receives five million euros and going to Benfica would mean a 50% reduction. An amount that the merengue forward is not willing to assume, according to published information.

Kieran Trippier and Mariano Díaz fight for an aerial ball


Therefore, the future of the youth squad Valdebebas still in the air and unresolved. In recent days he has not slowed down and his training sessions at the meringues facilities have been carried out as planned. The start of La Liga is on the 20th and his stay in the squad is unknown. For its part, Benfica will play the first match of their national league on the 18th. That is, they would still have time to convince Mariano.

Madrid got along with Benfica

Real Madrid and Benfica reached an agreement a few days ago. Both entities saw it possible for Mariano to go on loan for a season. The Portuguese club was going to take charge of the forward’s file and, if they wanted to take over Mariano’s rights, they would have an option to purchase of 18 million euros.

Mariano would play in a relevant team in Portugal and would be the offensive banner of the Portuguese squad. In addition, he would have options to win a title and compete in a tournament like the Champions League. All positive aspects for his career. However, from the player’s environment they did not see well that the offer was not transferred before to him.

“Nobody from Benfica has spoken with the player yet. If there is an agreement between the clubs, I think it is very strange because that is not how a player is convinced to go to another club,” his agent snapped in the Portuguese media. Despite this anger, he also showed his predisposition to a possible march to Portugal.

“It is an attractive club because it fights for titles and has a habit of playing the Champions League.” But “the last word will be from Mariano DíazAnd so it has been a few days later.

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