Marvin, in his debut with the Real Madrid first team against Real Sociedad in La Liga

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The game went to rest with 0-0 on the scoreboard and after the restart it was time for the substitutes to come out to warm up. There he saw Marvin and Arribas, two products of Factory that represent the illusion in the new generation. Both ended up debuting with the first team of the Real Madrid, but now the figure of the first should be highlighted.

If Arribas entered by Vinicius in the 90th minute, Marvin did it in the 70th for Rodrygo. More than half an hour of the youth squad on the pitch of a stadium that although now is called Royal Arena, remains in essence, especially for the most romantic, the mythical Anoeta.

It is never easy to get to the first team of Real Madrid, it is often said that it can even be more difficult coming from the lower categories. But yes, Zidane he decided to bet on the league premiere to include the two young footballers in the squad and his pulse did not tremble when giving them the alternative, even if the score was 0-0.

Marvin, on his debut for Real Madrid’s first team against Real Sociedad in La Liga

855 days have passed since a youth squad did not make his debut with Zidane’s Real Madrid. The last was, precisely, his son Luca. But that does not mean that he has not trusted the white blackbirds, since from his hand up to fourteen players have made their debut with the first team, among them illustrious names of the current football scene such as Achraf hakimi, Marcos Llorente or other of the latest jewels on the Spanish scene: the midfielder Oscar Rodriguez.

Marvin’s premiere

The minute 70 arrived and the premiere of Marvin Park was staged. The player born 20 years ago in Palma de Mallorca He did not blush or weigh his shirt in the expected debut when he took command of the Madrid right wing in attack. He had a good option before Aihen, but he faked instead of shooting and the Real defender won the duel and the ball.

Despite this, he did not stop offering for his band, showing that he can bring verticality to the Real Madrid game. He opened the field and was very active, but, and you have to put a ‘but’, is that he lacked clarity at the time of centering. It was this putting the ball in the pot that did not finish polishing a player who still has many months and years ahead to get registration in this facet of the game.

Meteoric rise

Marvin arrived at the Real Madrid quarry in 2016 to enter the Youth C. Before he had already gone through teams like Sporting City of Palma, Tranmere Rovers, The room and It’s Jonquet Penya Arrabal, from there to Valdebebas to be part of the generation of 2000. He defines himself as “a high speed player”, but he is much more.

Castilla players pineapple after Marvin's goal

Pineapple of Castilla players after Marvin’s goal

Verticality, as he demonstrated against Real Sociedad, and also the ability to overflow in one on one. Some of what he has left shows in the lower categories of the club, from youth to Castile, and that although it was not his strong point in his debut with the first team, he will be able to remove the ‘thorn’ for sure before the end of this season.

This debut comes preceded by his great performance in the final phase of the UEFA Youth League. Real Madrid sought last August the first continental title in its history in the youth category and this came from the hand of a huge Raúl, who, of course, relied on a Marvin Park that aims high.

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