Morata, with Real Madrid

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Alvaro Morata leave the Atlético de Madrid to play in the 2020/2021 season in the Juventus of Turin. It was in the Old lady in which the forward lived one of the best stages of his career and now returns on loan after not having caught up with the rojiblanco team.

The Spanish international has not finished settling under the orders of ‘El Cholo’ Simeone. Morata did not fit the profile that the Argentine coach is looking for and wants, staying out of the starting eleven in the big Atleti games. All this has led to looking for the best exit for the forward.

With this movement, the footballer has starred in movements worth almost 200 million euros throughout his career. The striker was trained in the lower categories of the Real Madrid, reaching the first team. Without an important place in the white team, he ended up signing for Juventus in exchange for 20 million back in 2014.

Morata, with Real Madrid

Real Madrid then kept a buyback option, which became effective two years later after the good performance shown by Morata with the elastic bianconera. The Concha Espina club disbursed 30 million euros to recover the footballer.

In this new passage through the Santiago BernabeuThe forward also did not have the success he expected when he returned to what was his home. Back then the BBC He had no rival at Real Madrid and that is how he ended up completely dissociating himself from the white team to sign with him Chelsea.

Morata, at Chelsea.  Photo.  Twitter (@AlvaroMorata)

Morata, at Chelsea. Photo. Twitter (@AlvaroMorata)

This movement towards Stamford Bridge made Morata the most expensive Spanish player in history until then. 80 million euros paid the blues to take over his services in the summer of 2017. With Chelsea he played the following two seasons, with much prominence, playing 48 games in his first season and 23 until his new loan.

This time it came out in the form of a loan of London to Madrid. Thus he ended up in the team led by Simeone, which ended up sealing the transfer at the end of the 2018/2019 season. Atlético paid around 55 million euros for an Álvaro Morata who, on loan, played up to 17 games and in the past season, after his signing, 44 divided into 2,801 minutes.

Without finishing finding your place in the Metropolitan Wanda, now it is his turn to leave this to return to Juventus. Far are his declarations of love to the rojiblanco club, the club of his life as he said despite having trained in the lower categories of Real Madrid.

Morata, with Atlético de Madrid

Morata, with Atlético de Madrid


I played one year at Getafe, a beautiful year, and from there I went to Real Madrid, but I went to Calderón with my father and dreamed of playing there. Unfortunately, I started to play with other shirts and not with Atlético’s, but I was always Atleti’s, “the forward said.

200 ‘kilos’ and few goals

Juventus will pay around 10 million euros to Atlético for the player’s loan. In total, Álvaro Morata has come to move in the transfer market a figure that is close to 200 ‘kilos’ between transfers to final title and assignments. However, the forward has never become that total footballer, the flagship of a project.

The comparisons are odious, but that total amount in the market produced by Morata contrasts with the around 194 million euros that it has also moved in transfers five times Golden Ball how Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese international arrived at Real Madrid from Manchester United in exchange for 94 ‘kilos’ to end up reaching Juventus for 100 million.

Cristiano against Morata

To the amount of the Portuguese, we must also add what the red devils paid to the Sporting from Portugal when Cristiano was still a stranger. With this comparison, it is further highlighted that the trajectory of the Spaniard has not been as spectacular as could be expected, despite having passed through some of the best teams in the world.

As for titles, little can be attributed to Morata’s record, with successes in the Champions, Europa League or in national championships, both in cups and leagues. But if you look at the individual numbers, it is especially striking that the forward has never scored more than 20 goals in the same season.

In the 2012/2013 season he already played his first campaign playing more or less regularly in the Real Madrid first team, scoring then 2 goals in League. In 2013/2014 he already played the entire campaign with the merengue team, then led by Ancelotti, and went on to score 9 goals in 34 games.

Morata celebrates a goal with Real Madrid

Morata celebrates a goal with Real Madrid


A year later, with Juventus, he scored 15 goals, for the 12 in 2015/2016 in 47 games. It was then that he returned to Real Madrid and in that campaign in white he saw the door on 20 occasions, in a total of 43 appearances. This was his maximum, in 2016/2017. Then neither in Chelsea or Atlético has he managed to exceed twenty goals.

He scored 15 goals in 48 games for Chelsea in the 2017/2018 season. The following campaign was played half with blues and half with Atlético de Madrid to sign a total of 15 goals in 41 games. This last season, playing in the ranks of the rojiblanco team, he has scored 16 goals in 44 games.

Unfair speech

Álvaro Morata will share a dressing room with Cristiano Ronaldo, again, although this time at Juventus. It was in 2014 when the Spanish forward said that “Juve is where I wanted to be”. His speech has varied depending on whether he signed for one team or another, something that has not gone unnoticed after what happened with his signing for Atlético.

Álvaro Morata arrives in Turin to sign for Juventus

Álvaro Morata arrives in Turin to sign for Juventus

Juventus FC

In 2016, when his return to Real Madrid was completed, he also declared his love for the white club: “My dream is to succeed at Real Madrid.” A few words that changed when he landed at Stamford Bridge in 2017, just a year later: “As a child I imagined myself at Chelsea.” The culmination was his speech when signing for Atlético in 2019: “Atleti is true happiness since childhood.” Now Morata will recover that “Juve is where he wanted to be”.

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