Bale posing with Tottenham's shirt

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One of the favorite themes of Jose Mourinho is the loan of Gareth Bale to the Tottenham. Since the transfer was consummated, the Portuguese coach has referred to one of the star movements of the 2020 transfer market on numerous occasions.

The last in DAZN. The Special One has re-emphasized that he has not spoken to Zidane, but surely he is happy to stop having him ‘Cardiff Express’ in your template. A happiness that is directly proportional to what he and Bale himself feel for being together at Tottenham.

Mourinho is convinced that he will be able to recover the best version of the Welsh international, who in the last season playing for him Real Madrid was practically disappeared and unknown. But what’s more, the Portuguese coach wants Bale to continue at Tottenham beyond the end of his assignment.

On the occasion of the match against Chelsea of the League Cup, the spurs coach has once again shown his joy at having Gareth Bale among his ranks: “You can see that he is happy, it is easy to see him. He is very happy and happiness is important in life and in football” .

One of his favorites

It is not the first time that José Mourinho tries to get the services of the extreme. He already bet on him when he directed, precisely, Real Madrid, but then the signing of Luka Modric made it impossible for that summer to reach Santiago Bernabeu that of Cardiff. Which would happen a year later.

“He knows that I loved him at Real Madrid, but that season it was not possible because he was very close to the signing of Modric. He is a player that I like a lot, a lot”, said Mou during his interview for DAZN. In fact, when he trained the Manchester United and Bale was playing in white and tried to sign him again. But then the footballer decided not to listen to him to continue in the merengue team.

Bale posing with Tottenham’s shirt

Tottenham Hotspur

The Portuguese has assured that “he is not ready to play yet”, but that “he is working very well with the doctors” and that this makes him “trust” that when he returns with the group, they will have “the player that he is. “With me the one who plays is the best, so he will not play because he is Gareth Bale, but because he will show that he is the best,” Mourinho continued.

Zidane and Bale

He also referred, before the end, to the possibility that Bale could stay at Tottenham longer than the season that his loan lasts: “I have not spoken with Zinedine, but I imagine he is happy with his departure, we are with his arrival and hopefully at the end of the season we are all happy and he can stay. “

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