Isco and Manuel Pellegrini, before Betis - Real Madrid

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The controversy of Real Betis – Real Madrid continues to kick off and a lot, especially considering the attitude that some players of the Verdiblanco team and their coach had, Manuel Pellegrini, who harshly criticized the referee’s performance From Burgos Bengoetxea and from WHERE, who was in charge of correcting some serious errors by the referee.

However, the Chilean coach, who had won the game after scoring 2-1, did not feel at all well that Real Madrid managed to overcome the crash, especially after staying with one less player after the obvious expulsion of Emerson for tripping Luka jovic when I was alone in front of the goal Joel.

Now, in the preview of the next league day and that will be held during the week, Pellegrini assures that he is not afraid of a possible loss ofa Royal Spanish Football Federation because he assures that he only commented on what he saw in the game and that he did not accuse or blame anyone for what happened.

Isco and Manuel Pellegrini, before Betis – Real Madrid

The league

“There has been nothing official from anywhere, besides I am very calm, I have not said absolutely anything that is polarizing anyone. I said that playing against Real Madrid, against VAR, which had three debatable decisions all three, plus a penalty , plus an expulsion, plus an own goal was a lot for Betis “.

“I did not say or analyze things nor am I going to continue touching the subject while it is not official. It would be strange if it was sanctioned for a few words in which I have not blamed absolutely anyone. I said it was a very difficult obstacle with all those things together” .

Pellegrini did not want to appreciate the harsh words of goalkeeper Joel after the game, as a result of the heat from the defeat: “The truth is that I have not seen his statements, so I do not know what he said, if he has any statistics that they can check. So these are things that are said after games that I don’t think are of any importance. If not, I think that players and coaches will quickly stop talking after the games because everyone would be hurt in that regard. “

“Everyone should have the right to disagree in terms of decisions, even more so that just last week they had said that the VAR was going to act only in serious actions, in considerable errors, and they score a penalty that there was no Real Madrid player who he will claim, when the players always demand everything to gain an advantage, and there is a clear push from the Madrid player on Marc Bartra that makes him fall and hits the ball in his hand without even seeing the ball “.

The successes of the VAR

“If we have to accept everything, I do not know if we are in a position to carry out the activity in that way. I believe that everyone has the right to express themselves with respect as I just said, at least in what I said, disagreeing in many decisions “.

Pellegrini does not like VAR

In addition, Pellegrini assured not to be very in favor of VAR and its use: “VAR is a technology that although it distorts the environment a bit, because suddenly you see a team celebrating and the second one is sad and the one in front celebrates It is a technology that gives more justice to the parties and I think it is good to use it. “

“I disagreed in England about the way it is used and when it is used. I think it is not for errors of judgment. If the referee takes a free kick outside the area and it is inside the area it is a penalty, of course, it is not a criterion from the referee, it’s a mistake. Then we start using it as many times as the players claim. “

Controversial decisions and big teams

Pellegrini assures that the decisions in which the video arbitration intervened were debatable: “As I said last week, which unfortunately in our party did not happen, it was said that it was going to be for blunders and it does not seem to me that it is being used that way, so one thing can be positive as long as it is known how do what”.

Sergio Ramos celebrates with the Real Madrid players his penalty goal against Real Betis

Sergio Ramos celebrates with the Real Madrid players his penalty goal against Real Betis


“If not, it will distort a lot and there will always be the claim that large teams are helped more, that they review their actions more. I do not know, the type of actions that are reviewed, it is very important to have objectivity in a technology that will be very useful to football despite the fact that I once again reiterate that the mood changes. It is fairer in decisive actions that are subject to a criterion “.

“I have heard many people comment and of the three actions that the VAR took in the match against Real Madrid, all three were discussed by people. If the referee has not charged it, the VAR cannot tell them to see a penalty. a minute and a half later because it doesn’t seem like the way to act. “

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