Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino, during a Premier League match

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Mauricio Pochettino keep dreaming of training the Real Madrid occasionally. The Argentine coach rang in previous years. Now with Zidane fully settled in the team, no one thinks of a new face in front of the locker room. However, Pochettino has wanted to leave his name on the table once again.

The technician, protagonist of the last interview of The Cope Game, has confirmed that he continues without forgetting Real Madrid. In addition, he has taken the opportunity to emphasize that at no time was his signing for him FC Barcelona. And it is that his name sounded in the hours after Setién’s cessation. Finally it was Koeman who held the position, but Pochettino was one of the options that were considered in the Camp Nou.

Pochettino has assured that Real Madrid is a “dream” and that he will always leave that door open. “I don’t know if I’ll ever be a Real Madrid coach because football takes you where it wants, but of course it’s my dreamAnd it is that if the merengue club “is not the best”, then “it is one of the best clubs in the world.”

For him, the white entity “it has a great story“” I think I am no different from other professionals who are dedicated to football, “he stressed, because” any coach has Real Madrid on his list of dreams. “

He even joked about Bale. “I signed for Southampton and Bale had just left. I went to Tottenham and Bale left before he arrived …”. And now Bale will play for Tottenham again. The Welshman is a “magnificent footballer” and the four Champions won this way determine it. “No doubt”.

His relationship with Barcelona

Pochettino was an option that was raised in the offices of FC Barcelona. However, he has already stressed on several occasions that there was no contact. His only conversation with the culé environment was with Ramon Planes, current sports director, and simply because they have “a friendship for many years” and that goes back to 2009 when “he signed for Espanyol as technical secretary”. In addition, he returned to coincide with Pochettino at Tottenham.

Jose Mourinho and Mauricio Pochettino, during a Premier League match


But its reality is clear: “They didn’t offer me to train Barcelona“. The Argentine came to assure years ago that, before signing for Barça, he would return to his” farm “.” I threw irony at that time, “he wanted to explain.” It was my first press conference as a Tottenham manager. and they asked me about the Barça rumors, so I answered with my irony and I think I went too far. “

Similarly, Pochettino was sure of himself: “Nor do I have to justify any statement because no one can question my love for Spanish“.

Other offers

The technician is still looking for equipment. Offers have, but not some of those that have been published. The former Tottenham coach has denied that he PSG He will send him a contract, nor will Juventus or Inter Milan. “I have no need to lie,” he stressed.

Pochettino, moreover, has clarified what were the offers he received. “Yes I had a call from Benfica and Monaco“. None of these options were developed and the Argentine remains calm.” Perhaps if the virus had not existed, I would be anxious to be participating in football, but everything that has happened has given me relaxation and has served as personal and family growth “.

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