Sergio Ramos with the League champion trophy

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He Real Madrid a few months ago he was proclaimed champion of The league most atypical and longest in history. Months of football, a period of pause and return to the effort to lift a national championship title that has been very well received by everyone, but especially by his coach, Zinedine Zidane.

The French coach, despite being considered as ‘mister Champions’ Due to its success in European competitions, it considers La Liga a title of great importance because it speaks highly of the team’s consistency. Therefore, whenever he can try to give value and importance to the Madrid team staying in the fight until the end, like this year, to try to take advantage of Barça’s downturns and thus emerge victorious.

This year, Real Madrid could face a completely new landscape. Yes Messi will end up leaving the Barça, the Barça team would not only lose its greatest asset, but also the player who has supported the team in countless games and the man who has caused the FC Barcelona has fought until the end of each season for the titles. The departure of Messi could cause absolute dominance by Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, faced with a unique opportunity

The departure of Leo Messi from Barça would be a unique moment in Spanish football. The Catalans would lose the player who has supported their null sports project in recent years, leaving a ship adrift wandering aimlessly. It is a cruel reality for the Catalan team, but without Leo, nobody seems to have enough quality or courage to lead a dressing room without a project, a team without a soul, in short, and as he claimed Frenkie de Jong just a few hours ago, chaos.

Sergio Ramos with the League champion trophy


For this reason, Zidane’s team could take advantage of this disaster to establish a hegemony in Spain as it has done in Europe in recent years. The team of the three Champions and the four in five years could exercise that same dominance in the national championship. He has already achieved one, and with Leo in the rival team, but without the Argentine it is incredible that this Barcelona can fight with such a solid Madrid for so many days.

This is why whites are presented with a unique opportunity that they must not miss. If facing a player like Messi was a historical challenge, as it was for Barcelona to suffer Cristiano RonaldoTaking advantage of their departure should also be so, because they have the opportunity to reign in Spain again, at least for the next five years.

Life beyond Cristiano

Real Madrid suffered a few years ago what the culé team may suffer this summer: the departure of its biggest star. The whites lost Cristiano Ronaldo in a hard hit from the market that left Zidane’s team without their best player, without his reference, without their flagship, without their greatest scorer in history. However, through effort and after going through difficulties, relying on the strength of the team and youth, Real Madrid managed to overcome the bump.

And he has far surpassed it as he has shown this season. The whites have managed to raise two new titles by moving and modifying their support points. If before the reference was Cristiano Ronaldo, now it is the team. If before it was the Portuguese who was in charge of piercing the rival goals and creating imbalance above, now there have been many players who have assumed that role. Since Sergio Ramos until Benzema passing through the center of the field. Each and every one of them have given life to a team that has made itself.

Karim Benzema and Thibaut Courtois

Karim Benzema and Thibaut Courtois

Before, the team’s might was in its offensive danger, and now its greatest strength is in its defensive solidity, in its great goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, and behind them, they have proven to be the best in all of Europe proving that you can also build winning teams and champions from below.

However, the one who seems to be unable to be a winning team or a champion and without points of solidity or strength is this Barça that is languishing and that will soon lose, if everything goes according to plan, its biggest star. It is too early to say, but it does not seem that this Barça post Messi is going to have an easy recovery and far from as vigorous as the one that Madrid has shown without Cristiano. It does not seem that there will be life after Messi, at least in the short term.

Breadth of sights

Nobody disputes the undoubted quality of Messi, one of the best players in the world and one of the best in history, regardless of taste. The Argentinian proved to be decisive in many phases of the game despite having left his best years behind. Age does not forgive and it is the law of life that the ’10’ goes less and less, although as with players like Cristiano, its decline means being above the fullness of the majority.

Yet Messi has garnered all the praise for Spanish football for years. Many deserved, but others exaggerated. In this country there have been sectors that have not seen, or have not wanted to see, beyond Messi. It happened to Cristiano Ronaldo himself who had to become the greatest scorer in the history of the best team in the world to get a bit of the recognition he deserved. And it happens to other players like Karim Benzema, Sergio Ramos or Luka Modric, world class players ignored in recent years.

Karim Benzema preparing a shot at the goal of Leganés

Karim Benzema preparing a shot at the goal of Leganés


Without going any further, the Croatian has become Golden Ball and in this country he has continued to be treated as one more. Some have wanted to retire him and others still think that Madrid paid 42 million to Tottenham to cover up embarrassment. Some shame that have built the best Madrid in the last 50 years.

As for the captain and Benzema, both have shown this year, especially after Cristiano’s departure, that they deserve as much focus as Messi. The Frenchman has been, by far, the best player in La Liga, while Sergio has been one of the champions’ leaders, both offensively and defensively, giving a feeling of a total footballer, something almost impossible for a central defender. Perhaps now that Messi is close to leaving, those sectors that lived blinded by the figure of Messi learn to value the enormous quality of other players they have been carrying and even hiding for a decade.

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