Adam Arvelo, with the Spain U15 team

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If the first template of the Real Madrid is not having a frenzied transfer market, it is not being that way in the white quarry. The sports management and the development department continue to work to attract the best promises of the peninsula and the islands. The latter comes from one of these, specifically from Tenerife. Adam arvelo He is already a new merengue player and will play next season at the Cadet A of Tristan Warden.

This talented 15-year-old midfielder arrives from the quarry of the Villarreal, club that convinced him to leave his Candelaria three seasons ago after standing out, above all, in the Spain Championship with the selection of Canary Islands. It was there when he signed his first advertising contract with Nike until 2022, but his great moment has come this week when his hiring for Real Madrid has been made official.

In the last year, this midfielder with the usual talent of many other players born on the island such as David Silva or Juan Carlos Valeron, has had the main Spanish clubs on the phone, as well as many other international, especially England. the same Barça knocked on the door of his house in Castellon, but finally he opted for the sports offer of the white team, which is made with one of the most talented players of the generation of 2005.

If we talk about the reasons why Real Madrid has made this bet, there would be three main ones: his hitting the ball, his versatility to play both in the midfield, in three quarters and on the offensive line and his good physique despite appearing a light player.

So it plays

The Tenerife-born has been the protagonist of many goals during his three years at Villarreal despite not always occupying the positions closest to the area. Whether playing as a midfielder, as an interior or as a midfielder, he regularly uses his quality shot to surprise goalkeepers from outside the area.

Starting from the outside inwards or from central positions to be the main brain through which all the football of the team passes, what stands out about him is that he has a great physical background to reach all parts of the field and hold the rhythm of the players. matches smoothly. The feeling is that the category was too small compared to other peers.

Adam Arvelo, with the Spain U15 team

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His football growth has been so enormous that he is already a regular in the lists of the lower categories of the Spanish team by the hand of Julen Guerrero, a fact for which an entire multinational like Nike put him on the payroll as one of its sports icons with more projection.

Very from ‘Tete’

Adam Arvelo will begin to live his great passion, football, in one of the best clubs in the world. Of course, he will closely follow everything related to him CD Tenerife. From their surroundings they explain that it is the club of his life, he takes it with him wherever he goes and always watches all the games of the ‘Tete‘. She takes into account everything that happens around the entity of the island where she was born; it is very blue and white.

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