Florentino Pérez greets Zidane

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He Real Madrid he will play two friendly matches in the coming weeks to start picking up his pace. The preseason will be different from all those previously disputed and the coronavirus pandemic, which already modified the outcome of last season’s competitions, will once again have a leading role in these days prior to the start of La Liga.

The merengue team, which will not leave the Madrid’s community To play any match, he confirmed two preparation duels against teams from the same Community and of a friendly nature. He Vallecano Ray and the Getafe They will be the first rivals of the white team in this 2020/2021 season. Although this time there will not be any great signings, special attention will be paid to players like Odegaard, which returns after an assignment in the Real society.

However, neither of the two games can be followed on television. There will be no press in the stands and the public, which was already taken for granted that he would not be able to attend, will not have the option of following him from home. The reason why Real Madrid has decided to play the matches at door closed is that he considers them one more training. That is to say, they will be like the duels between players from the same squad, except with other teams as opponents. And the tactics and comments will remain on the pitch of Real Madrid City.

On the 9th against Rayo Vallecano and on the 15th against Getafe, the Merengue squad will have those different training sessions where they will check for the first time this season the physical form and adaptation of all their players after a few weeks off.

Florentino Pérez greets Zidane

It should be remembered that training began last Monday and that the last match played by the Real Madrid players was at the beginning of August. At that time, Zidane’s team was playing the pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League. The comeback against Manchester City It was not achieved and the Chamartín team put an end to an atypical season and where the Super Cup and La Liga were lifted.

The Real Madrid calendar

The merengue team, like other teams that have played in European competitions throughout the month of August, will not start La Liga like the rest of the First Division teams. Zidane’s men postpone the first matchday and will debut on matchday 2 against Real Sociedad. It will be on September 20 and in Anoeta.

The duel against Getafe, which has also played the Europa LeagueIt was the one that was scheduled for that day 1. Finally, and due to the measure taken by LaLiga and that has also been applied in other countries, only faces will be seen in this friendly duel. The official meeting will have to be delayed and the specific date on which it will take place is still unknown.

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