Toni Kroos and Leo Messi, in El Clásico

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This 2020 is not being the year of Barcelona. First, for having finished the season without winning a single title and, above all, the season culminated with the historical humiliation in front of the Bayern Munich in Champions League and with Leo messi ensuring that he no longer feels like a Barça footballer.

Low waters churning in the Camp Nou. This Wednesday a summit took place between the environment of the soccer player -father, brother and lawyer- and the club -the president Josep Maria Bartomeu and the manager Javier Bordas– but in this far from approaching positions, each of the parties remained firm in theirs.

Messi does not want to hear about the possibility of renewing with Barcelona. His 20-year stint at the Blaugrana club is over and now he hopes that an agreement can be reached to leave the Camp Nou. This is a topic that is on everyone’s lips. From the culé fan to the rivals. And, of course, also among the players of the Real Madrid.

Toni Kroos referred to it on the podcast Just bad dolls that he has with his brother: “If one of those players no longer plays in the maximum rival, for us it is not necessarily bad. Messi outside of Barcelona means that Barça lacks a total weapon. “” I think almost nobody in the world of football can imagine Barcelona without Messi, “added the German midfielder.

Toni Kroos and Leo Messi, in El Clásico


Too Sergio Ramos spoke at the pre-match press conference between Germany and Spain on the Argentine: “It is an issue that we must leave aside. It does not concern us. He has earned the respect of deciding his future. I don’t know if he will be doing it in the best way. For Spanish football, for Barça and for us that we like to beat the best, we would like him to remain. “

“As I said, Leo makes the Spanish league and his team better, he makes the Classics more beautiful because you like to win while being the best and he is one of the best in the world. He has earned the right to decide by himself. He is not one worrying news, “said the captain of the national team and Real Madrid.

Ramos, always white

If Messi wants to leave Barça, Ramos is in the totally opposite position at Real Madrid. By the head of the central Beds The idea of ​​leaving the Concha Espina club does not pass and although much is said that he has not yet renewed, the footballer is calm with his situation and is aware that when the two parties want, there are no major problems to reach an agreement.

Sergio Ramos kisses the League champion trophy

Sergio Ramos kisses the League champion trophy


“It is an issue that we have not touched on. It does not make me or the club uneasy. I have always said that the issue of the future does not concern me. I have been at Madrid for many years and I have never considered leaving the team in which I I want to be. I don’t think there will be problems if we have to reach an agreement. I focus on having a good season, “the defender told the media.

Sergio Ramos’ contract, like Leo Messi’s, ends in June 2021. But the intention of the Spanish international is very different. The center-back wants to continue at Real Madrid and continue to make history at a club where he has won four Champions League among many other titles. The legend continues.

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