Eleven for Real Madrid against Real Sociedad

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He Real Madrid he will once again see in his own flesh what it is to compete. The team of Zidane will travel to Basque Country to see their faces with the Real society. The Anoeta team drew last week against Valladolid and want to win the first three points of the league competition. In front of them they will have a Real Madrid that has only played one friendly match since the final of the Champions League.

Zidane has called up a total of 22 players for the match. And among the casualties are names as important as that of Hazard or Isco. Both continue to recover and have been discarded for the league debut. However, their absences do not affect a star-studded starting eleven. What’s more, they facilitate the task of the merengue coach.

French is very likely to opt for it usual 4-3-3. It is your ideal tactical scheme and it begins with Courteous in goal. The Belgian goalkeeper is indisputable and this season, in addition, he will have a luxury substitute like Lunin to be able to catch some respite. Ahead of Courtois will be the usual line of four and that was established last season.

Eleven for Real Madrid against Real Sociedad

The couple of Varane and Ramos in the center of defense is the usual. Fixed for Zidane, they have established themselves as one of the most insurmountable defenders of the footballing elite. They arrive in good shape and more after having been able to compete at the highest level with their respective teams.

On the sides, although there are spare players, Zidane does not shuffle another pair than that of Carvajal and Mendy. The Spanish has taken over the position and the French, for their part, was more than convinced last year. His speed and effectiveness in defense, added to the offensive contribution, make him a multipurpose for the coach.

The same happens in the center of the field. Zidane’s line of three that has given so many titles to Real Madrid arrives in optimal condition for the league premiere. Kroos, Modric and Casemiro they will once again dominate the midfield with their experience and connection.

The doubts, in any case, could have occurred at the attack point. The ownership of Benzema there was no doubt, but his companions were. The Frenchman had a great year and this preseason has arrived in top form. So much so that in the only friendly match he managed to score four goals. Overflowing and effective to continue increasing his legend at Real Madrid.

Vinicius and Rodrygo, in a Real Madrid match

Vinicius and Rodrygo, in a Real Madrid match

Benzema will be the ‘9’ and on the bands he will have the two young people with the most possible evolution of the merengue team. Vinicius and Rodrygo, who also saw their importance gradually increase last year, are the great candidates to accompany Karim. Quick for the band, they are called to generate dangerous actions during the duel against Real Sociedad.

Options on the bench

Zidane also has several options among those called up. For the midfield could come into play Faith Valverde, one of the players who has most convinced the French coach and who last season showed his success in defensive actions. However, it seems difficult that he can remove a veteran like Casemiro’s job.

The other doubts could be in the lead with Mayoral and Jovic. But, unlike Rodrygo and Vinicius, both are players with less speed on the wing and could complicate Benzema’s center forward position.

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