James and Bale celebrate a goal with Real Madrid

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He Real Madrid he is closer to achieving his goal in exits. Those players who do not count must leave the club as soon as possible. Thus, in addition to giving real opportunities to all members of the squad, the merengue entity lightens the accounts and saves the salaries of players who are not going to have a leading role with Zidane.

However, and despite operations like James’s being very advanced, Mariano or Brahim, There is a case that is not resolved and that has been a topic of conversation in the transfer period for several seasons. Gareth Bale, the eternal doubt in merengue planning, returns to star in the start of the preseason at Real Madrid.

The club wants to sell him and he doesn’t want to continue. Despite this, his attitude is being very different from that of players like James, who have helped solve his departure from the entity. Bale, through his closest circle or his own statements, has tightened the rope with the capital club.

The contradictions of his version

Bale and his environment have changed version on several occasions in these months marked by the coronavirus pandemic. While the atmosphere closest to the Tottenham tries to pressure for his signing, the player and his circle have defended two positions. The first, the one known until a few days ago, was that he did not want to move from the capital.

His own representative was clear: Bale was not going to leave Real Madrid and he was happy. “Bale is happy and with the intention of staying two more years at Real Madrid,” he explained specifically in July. According to the agent, “it is a great loss that he is not with the team at the moment, but he will not leave.” Barnett understood that “the best players in the world do not go out on loan.”

James and Bale celebrate a goal with Real Madrid


On the contrary, Bale has made very different statements in recent days. He has pointed to Real Madrid as guilty of not having left the entity and has given the go-ahead to sign for the Premier. Just the opposite of what the agent declared weeks ago.

“We will see what happens, we have a lot of time in this transfer window and also in a couple more. Time will tell, but mainly I think the reason is that the decision is in the hands of Real Madrid. I tried to leave last year but they blocked everything in the last second, “the forward stressed.

Real Madrid’s requests

The merengue club does not have him. It is a fact and the player himself knows it. However, Real Madrid does not want to give a player as a gift, especially in times of pandemic. If the white entity announced that it was not going to make large investments in transfers, it was because they were aware of the economic crisis that is going to affect world football. And hence the interest in the sales that are taking place in recent days.

Gareth Bale, standing in the middle of the field

Gareth Bale, standing in the middle of the field


Real Madrid knows that they will not be able to obtain a figure like the one they paid for Bale in his day. They are numbers that are impossible to reach today. In addition, the player has been devalued in this last stage due to his lack of prominence in Zidane’s scheme. For all this, in the capital they are realistic: the price of their sale has to be adequate, but without being given away.

The most recent example is in the stoppage of its exit to China. The player was tempted by the Asian competition and gave the go-ahead. But the merengue club did not see the operation favorably. Simply for one reason: I was losing out. The intention of the Chinese team Jiangsu Suning it was to get hold of Bale without paying the transfer price and only taking over the token. The Welshman’s salary is at 12 million net. That option, despite everything, is not among those that Real Madrid is considering neither then nor now.

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