Fede Valverde training with Real Madrid

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He Real Madrid has strengthened its project for the future in recent years. Beyond galactic signings and large incorporations of recognized players, the merengue entity chose to give greater weight to the quarry. The scouts’ work prevailed and they bet on these new talents called to succeed in a few years. Two of the most recent cases are Kubo and Faith Valverde.

The first of them will play next year at Real Madrid. This new season will do it in the Villarreal after rejecting numerous offers. The Japanese, who played at La Masía and ended up convincing Real Madrid, has become one of the revelations of La Liga thanks to his performances in the Majorca. He is called to succeed and he himself has recognized that his goal is to wear white.

In the case of Faith ValverdeAfter training at La Fábrica and gaining experience in the elite through a loan to Deportivo de La Coruña, he has earned Zidane’s trust and is already one of the most common rotations of the merengue team. He is seen, beyond as a present player for the white team, as one of the next leaders of the Uruguayan team.

Fede Valverde training with Real Madrid

His tour, however, could have come to nothing if not for the scouts. In a report prepared by France FootballSome of these more hidden club workers have explained how new talent is recruited. Those little ones that stand out on artificial grass pitches and have something that differentiates them.

This is how they were ‘signed’

The appearance of Kubo, as recounted Albert puig, It was produced thanks to Óscar Hernández. Puig relates that from the first moment he understood “how enormous was Kubo’s talent”. “Was a very strong boy mentally and he did not hesitate to take risks in the game, he had a lot of personality and, of course, great technique, “he says.

The history of Valverde is in charge of Nestor Gonçalves. He saw him for the first time when Fede was “nine or ten years old.” “They told me there was a player who was doing well, that’s all.” And when he watched his game, he was surprised. “What first caught my attention was his intelligence.” She spoke to him, analyzed him, and reaffirmed her initial impressions.

Valverde had a “goal obsession and the progress he wanted to achieve. “According to the scout, he always saw the current Real Madrid player listening to his superiors. His physique could be a problem due to his height and lack of corpulence, but Gonçalves spoke with the Peñarol doctors and, after a small review, they found that in a few years the evolution was going to be remarkable. “Fede measures today exactly the size we had determined“.

His success could already be predicted: “When I was ten I told the then president of Peñarol that this player embodied the future of the club and that of the national team.” And so it has been.

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