Marta Corredera in the Valdebebas field

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Marta Corredera has become the protagonist of social networks after a vindication of women’s football. The player of the Real Madrid and representative of the Spanish national team, responded to a tweet about the traditional and historical album of The league. Hours later, his tableware generated thousands of reactions and the occasional criticism that he did not give much importance to.

“Piqué already has his La Liga album and his 2020-2021 chrome. And he wanted to paste it himself, of course … Who wouldn’t like to stick his own sticker on the album?” This was the message that the official account of Panini, organizer of the famous album, posted on her social networks. Corredera did not miss the opportunity and demanded something that has been demanded for some time among the elite of women’s football.

“Here’s one who would like to. Is it too much to ask?”, Replied the Real Madrid player with some sarcasm. The message provoked hundreds of retweets and thousands of ‘likes’, as well as numerous reactions from fans and colleagues. The criticisms, common on social networks and more on issues such as sports, were not lacking. And the side wanted to respond, but without entering the conflict.

“Marta Corredera asks for her sticker album. If I tell you that she plays badminton, believe it. They don’t even know you in your home park, silly.” An offensive comment and to which Marta replied with several laughing emojis. The reality is that Marta has managed to play in relevant teams in elite football such as Atlético de Madrid, Levante or now Real Madrid. In addition, she also played a season in England thanks to the offer of Arsenal.

Marta Corredera in the Valdebebas field

And, as if that were not enough, Marta Corredera accumulates titles as varied as the Copa de la Reina, the title of the First Division female, the Continental Cup won with the club gunner and the FA Cup that he raised with the same English team. To all this he adds numerous calls with the National Team and presence in championships such as the 2015 World Cup in Canada, the 2019 World Cup in France or the 2013 European Championship.

Women’s football asks for its place

The Iberdrola League and the Challenge League keep growing. Especially the first, which in recent seasons has suffered a notable rebound and more after the incorporation of Real Madrid. The merengue club has made it possible to increase the visibility of the competition and fulfill the dreams of some players who wanted to wear the elastic merengue at some point in their career.

However, there are still steps to be taken. The next is to become professional competition, a measure that must be taken by the CSD and that has been positioned as one of the priorities of the Higher Sports Council. This transformation into professional competition would allow the league to have greater independence from the RFEF and even improve the conditions of its athletes. It would thus join the recent Collective Agreement signed by all those involved.

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