Courtois stops a ball in front of Alavés

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The goalkeeper of Real Madrid Thibaut Courtois has analyzed the return of the team to the competition, which will take place this weekend with the debut in League Front of Real society. The white goal has analyzed the moment in which the squad arrives and the objectives for this course after the two titles lifted last year.

The Belgian goalkeeper knows that it will be a special season, just like last season, since he will have the threat of the coronavirus at all times and they will not be able to stop being aware of health measures, but despite that they want to let the ball roll again to feel again what it is to compete.

Courtois spoke with the club’s official media and was eager for a competition that he has already raised with the merengue team to return and in which he wants to defend his trophy Zamora: “This year has been different, shorter, but it has been very intense and we have trained very well.” This is how the Belgian referred to the summer and the preseason they have made.

Courtois stops a ball in front of Alavés

“I see us very well for the start of La Liga,” said a Thibaut Courtois who also claimed to be in good shape. “We want to win everything. It’s what you have to do at Real Madrid, every trophy we play we have to reach the final and we have to try to win it. We have to fight to win the maximum number of trophies possible this year.”

Regarding the match against Real Sociedad, Courtois stated the following: “It is always difficult to play there. We already had to go there after confinement. Obviously without an audience it is different, but it is a very strong team that makes things very difficult.”

“We are really looking forward to it, we are very excited to start and fight again for La Liga and above all to defend our title. Hopefully we can win it again.” Thus ended the goal of the Madrid team, which ensures that both he and all his teammates hope to get off to a good start in the clash they will play at the Reale Arena against the Basque team to start their journey in this new league in the best way.

Thibaut Courtois, with the Real Madrid La Liga cup

Thibaut Courtois, with the Real Madrid La Liga cup


Wanting to be a leader again

The Real Madrid goalkeeper, who this year will wear the 1 on his shirt accepting the challenge launched by the white club, wants to once again be one of the pillars of the team, especially after the confinement, where Zidane’s team became strong defensively to achieve the title assault.

This year, in which the Whites are once again the great favorite to win the domestic competition, they will have to maintain that defensive solidity, and much of that work falls on the gloves of a Thibaut Courtois increasingly established in the locker room and each time more leader. His teammates fully trust him and it shows, as the Belgian’s level of confidence has also grown exponentially in recent months, which has allowed him to close last year as the best goalkeeper in the world.

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