Odegaard, at the Reale Arena with Real Madrid

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Martin Odegaard has been one of the protagonists of the summer in the Real Madrid and also the beginning of autumn, and it is that after the game against the Real society, which served as the Whites’ debut this season in The league, it was revealed that the midfielder had coronavirus. A news that was in a scare after confirming that it was a ‘false positive’.

The Norwegian started in that game against his former team, but also repeated in the eleven against Betis. In this duel, yeah Faith Valverde It was the face, Martin Odegaard can be said that it was the cross. At least for many who believe that the footballer has not yet shown the great level he displayed with Real Sociedad last season.

The truth is that the Nordic is adapting to his new team after becoming one of the revelations of La Liga in 2019/2020. “I’m not very happy with the result, but I’m happy for playing with Real Madrid “, said the player after his debut and revealed what he said Zidane before the game: “Zidane asks me to appear between the lines, to generate spaces and goals, he asks me to attack.”

Odegaard, at the Reale Arena with Real Madrid

Real society

Precisely, the French coach is the one who has not hesitated to give him two consecutive titles in the league start. The midfielder was in the game against Real Sociedad, playing with a 4-2-3-1 system; and despite the change of system, he remained in the eleven against Betis in 4-4-2 with the diamond in the medullary that Zizou presented in the Benito Villamarin.

Adapting to your new role

Odegaard had less weight in the team than he assumed at Real, but he also showed part of his arsenal of passes that did not leave anyone indifferent. Against Betis he was substituted at halftime, with those quality details, but without being that decisive player from last season.

The trust in him is total and now that Toni Kroos has been injured and will not play again until after the national team break in October, a position remains vacant in the midfield for the two games to be held this week. Martin Odegaard may well end up becoming the protagonist, either in his role as a starter or coming off the bench.

Martin Odegaard, during the match against Real Sociedad

Martin Odegaard, during the match against Real Sociedad


Real Madrid is not something new for the footballer, and it is that in his first stage, when he arrived as one of the young promises who most excited about Europe, He already knew what it is to defend the white elastic when entering the field for the first time replacing Cristiano Ronaldo.

Odegaard has now grown up. Quality is abundant for the Norwegian player, who in his passage through the Eredivisie He took several steps forward in his career and that at Real Sociedad he managed to display a remarkable and regular football throughout the 2019/2020 season. The plan is that this year it will gain prominence to be an indispensable piece when Modric say goodbye.

Full confidence

At Real Madrid there is no doubt that the bet on the Norwegian is correct. After the defeat in the eighth of the Champions League in front of Manchester City, from the white club they decided to return to Odegaard now and not wait until the summer of 2021. Full confidence of the club and a Zidane who wants to see the player settled, adapted and turned into a Madrid star.

He still lacks more nerve. Last season he was playing inside and that was translated into a shot on goal every 70 minutes on average. But in these first two games, and playing much closer to the vicinity of the area, his average is one shot every 114 minutes. There is a long season ahead and Odegaard must find his place at Real Madrid.

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