Javi Gracia, on the bench of Valencia CF during the La Liga match against Levante UD

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The output of Borja Mayoral to the Valencia seems to run aground. The forward of the Real Madrid He returned at the end of last season to the white entity with the aim, in principle, of leaving the club leaving an economic amount and with the possibility of leaving some type of right of first refusal or repurchase to return if his progression continues to be positive. The exit to the city of Turia It seemed the most probable, but the economic problems of the entity that can make it impossible.

This Tuesday, Anil Murthy and Report grace had a conversation in which the head of the club designated by Peter lim He made it clear to the new coach, who made the differences with the management public last week, that there would be no signings if they were not at zero cost or in the form of a loan. This complicates Mayoral’s operation since Real Madrid only considers a sale as a formula to let him out.

Meanwhile, the forward trains at the same pace as the rest of the group at Real Madrid. In fact, in the friendly against Getafe played the second half, while Zidane made no changes. In principle, the Frenchman does not have him, but for a season he already had him under his command so he knows the white youth squad perfectly.

Javi Gracia, on the Valencia CF bench during the La Liga match against Levante UD


The Real Madrid player had ruled out other offers because he was drawn to the Valencia option. After two seasons in the I raised, I was prepared to take a step forward. So the whole che, who wants to be present again in Europe after a very bad season, it seemed like the ideal place. The fact that there have been so many exits gave it a referential role, but finally it seems that this door is closing.

Option in France

France Football published several weeks ago a list of names for the team from the south of the Gallic country and that of the Madrid youth squad. Those of André Villas Boas face a fairly limited transfer market and with problems with the Financial Fair Play, so they will not be able to make a large outlay. This is why the information collects players who do not have a great cost.

In fact, they place Mayoral below six million euros, a figure that Real Madrid would like to exceed in order to release a striker that is still promising at 23 years of age. The latest offer from Valencia, as reported in ItalyIt was around 20 million: 15 fixed and five more in variables. The Lazio did not reach those figures and, after betting on Oshimen, everything got cold.

Real Madrid is still waiting for those offers to arrive that satisfy the figure that was originally put on this player’s poster. The entity valued the player around 20 and 25 million euros. No formal proposal has yet come in, so when these scores come true, the club will begin to assess where it can best develop its career.

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