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Returns the Real Madrid to The league. The white club visits the Royal Arena this Sunday in the match corresponding to matchday 2 and Zinedine Zidane He appeared the previous day at a press conference. The French coach spoke to the media in a telematic appearance in which he will analyze the white news before the debut of his team and in the final stretch of the transfer market.

One of the spotlights will be on Gareth Bale, whose departure to Tottenham will become official in the next few hours. The Welshman leaves, being Zidane himself one of those responsible for the decision. With his departure, the open conflict that existed in Madrid since the summer of 2019 between the player and the white coach is closed.

No problem with bale

“In the end it’s not like that. Whether it bothers me or not is the least of it. The issue is more complicated. There are negotiations and he’s there in London … What I say or Gareth says is going to be putting one against the other. I have never had a problem with Gareth or he with me. Nobody is going to discuss what Bale has done at Real Madrid. It is something that happens due to different circumstances. It is not signed, it is not done and I cannot say more. We have not had problems. If there is a change, what I have to do is wish him the best for him. “

Hazard’s physique

“I can’t say exactly. He’s better and we want him to be the first to be well and not have discomfort. We have time. We start a season and he needs to be at 100% or 120%. That the players are prepared for that, is what we want”.

Loan of Jovic

“I don’t think it’s going to happen. Until October 4, anything can happen, but I can’t say more. The important thing is that we train well and are all involved. Until the 4th many things can change.”

Bale’s legacy

“I did not speak with him. What he has done here he has done well and phenomenally. You do not have to discuss those things. He has won many things here, at Real Madrid. Everyone who passes through here knows where they are going and Bale has shown its qualities “.

Why is Odegaard coming back

“He is a quality player and ours. He can contribute to the team. We know that the players who pass through Madrid are the best and now we have one more, who may be important in this squad. That is what it is all about. We are going to prepare everyone. so they can perform at the highest level. “

The future without Bale

“It is not about that. It is the life of a footballer and a club. For now, it is ours and the issue has to be closed. We are not going to talk about things that don’t make sense, you know.”

Asensio State

“From the injury he is better, training well, still apart. But he is in his normal process. He had a scare with the National Team and now he is much better. Now he plays caution and little by little. When he is ready to train normally, he will return with us”.

Bale is spectacular

“Everyone has an opinion. You say that. We know the player he is and what he has done in seven years at Madrid. The player is what he wants too. There I cannot go into that matter. These are things that happen in the team and in football. You’re not going to make me say the opposite of what I’ve always said. The player has been spectacular. “

Repeat league title

“We are here and we prepare for that. We always know what we play every year and it will not change. It is part of this great club, with all that it has won. When we start from day one we have to prepare to do the maximum possible. If we train well, if we play as a team, as we did last year, we will have the opportunity to achieve things. It is day to day and we know the difficulty of this League. “

Bale chooses

“Life is like that. You have to accept things and so does he. If he has stayed, it is for something and now we are on this issue. The important thing is what the player wants to do. My opinion is the same and I will not say more of what I always say. You have to do things together, with the club and the player. In the end, it is the player who chooses. “

A weight is not lifted

“I have never had a problem with Bale and he has never been a peso. I have 25 players, we have had difficulties because he did not play as he should, for various things, but that’s it. I’m not going to take a peso. The position is like that. If it’s not Gareth, this year will be another. I count on everyone and the important thing is that the players compete. “

Reguilón deserves to go to Tottenham

“Now that you give me the opportunity. I have to congratulate Reguilón for the season he has done. He has the opportunity to go play. We have two players per position and nothing more. I have two full-backs and I can’t have three, four or five because It’s a mess. What we can do is wish the best because he had a good season at Sevilla and he deserves to be at Tottenham. “

Does not close the template

“I do not consider the squad closed. Everything can happen until October 4. And then there will be no exits or entries, but until then everything can happen.”

A complicated scenario

“A very good team, from our League. Every year they are a very difficult opponent and they always show it. They play football well and don’t stop running. It’s a difficult field, but that’s our turn. The first game in San Sebastián , but we are prepared for that and we are happy to be able to make our debut in the league in a difficult field “.

Count on Rodrygo

“Rodrygo is a player of our squad, of the first team, and nothing is going to change. We must congratulate him on his call with the national team.”

A more done Odegaard

“It’s clear. He has changed, but his career has been phenomenal. Every year he has gotten better and better. Last year, with Real Sociedad, he had a great season. He is a more accomplished player and he is from Madrid and we will use”.



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