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He Real Madrid come back to Alfredo di Stéfano this season to face a new day of League. After getting his first victory against him Betis, those of Zinedine Zidane are measured at home in front of Valladolid. The white team must seek victory to hook a good run before the next national team break. The French coach analyzed the game at a press conference.

Zidane was ‘measured’ to the media to talk about the next white commitment and all the news surrounding the team. The two main focuses were the doubts that arise for the eleven for tomorrow’s game and the last blows of the transfer market.

Real Madrid will not sign, but there will be more exits. Zidane responded to the debate that has been generated between Luka jovic Y Borja Mayoral, it being very likely that one of the two will leave the team before the market closes. There will be surprises?.

Criticisms of the VAR

“Yes, because they are critical of the successes. And then, I am not going to be talking about these things. Everyone can have their say whatever they want and we think about what we have to do. Everything can happen in each game and they won’t change things. I like to think only about the games, like tomorrow’s. “

Future of Jovic and Mayoral

“You have to take everything into account. There are many things that come into play. Until day 5, we’ll see. All I’m saying is that the players are here, they’re fine, the rest … I have a game tomorrow.”

Punish Pellegrini

“It’s not my job, I’m sorry. I have enough with my job to have an outside opinion.”

Minutes from Vinicius and Rodrygo

“This question always makes me laugh. This is Real Madrid. Opinion is easy. I’m here every day with the players. What is Vinicius going to play 34% of the minutes? And the other 32% and the other 31%. It can go up, down … We are 25 and I will always count on everyone. There are those who play less and more. I, like the players, want to win every game. The players have to be prepared and the outside does not help. They are boys who are 21, 22 and 23 years old. This is the reality of football. You play, you don’t play … That is life. In each game you have to put 11. I will always choose until it does not touch me, then it will choose other…”.

Hazard State

“I see him very close. He is already prepared. He trains with the team well and the only thing is, we know that he has not trained much so far. He is training regularly and is good to be. We will see how we will do it.”

He does not want signings

“What I have is this squad and I always have the best. Madrid is always like that. The market is open until the 5th, but I am very happy with what I have. When I spoke before about Vinicius and the rest, in the end we are many. Are you going to bring more people here? What for? It’s already messy because they’re all very good. I’m really happy. “

Your team plan

“The most important thing is the drawing. I don’t know if you know exactly what I do in the games. There are many opinions. The important thing is the animation of the team when we have the ball and when we don’t. We can play with two up. When we do it with I don’t think three of them stay in their fixed position. We have a lot of resources and I’m here to use them. “

Hazard’s professionalism

“He has had a big problem. It has been bothering him for a long time and now it seems that he is fine. The first thing is that he does not resent any of his discomfort. He is a professional and what he wants is to be with his colleagues.”

It has all

“We have many resources. It is only the beginning of the season and we know that we can improve. We will use the players at specific moments. We know that we can and must improve. We are working on it. We have to be calm, especially inside.”

Your anger with complaints

“No, I’m not angry. Everyone can have an opinion. What I don’t understand is that the successes are criticized, which is what happened the other day.”

Jovic or Mayoral departure

“Nor am I going to answer you. We are all here and we will see what will happen. I will have all the players who have a card. If there is any change, we will see.

Will suffer at some point

“There are small challenges that we set ourselves. The League is 38 days long and it is long. As I have a squad that always wants to demonstrate, win … It’s good. It helps to achieve what we want. It’s not easy because every three days you play against a team that wants to beat you, that is motivated. It’s not easy every three days, but it’s what we like: training less and playing more. They are motivated. Will there be moments of difficulty and will we suffer? Sure. It’s part of the race of a footballer “.

Vinicius continuity

“Everyone wants more continuity and play more. Vini is here to try to play all the games there are. It depends on the coach, who chooses, and within this great and good squad. What he has to do is focus and that’s it. The only thing that we have to be focused on preparing well. “

Unusual start

“It’s a few weeks. We have had three weeks and only one friendly and we are already playing. We are going to improve and we have to be calm with what we are doing. It is not a rare season, it is the one we have. This is our turn and we have to be prepared always”.

Interest in Raúl Jiménez

“We have this squad and I don’t know what happens outside. Many things can be said and I am focused on what we have. The rest can be discussions. The truth, to answer clearly, is that no.”

Varane, fit

“Varane never lost his level. He only had two errors against City, but his last season was very good. Now I see him very well.”

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