Asensio in Real Madrid training

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Marco Asensio He is not one of the members of the expedition Spanish selection for the break this October, but he faces the future with optimism, both with the national team and with the Real Madrid. After overcoming a serious injury, the footballer recognizes that he has changed and that he is ready to succeed and pull the car. This is confirmed in an interview in The Transistor of Zero Wave.

the beginning

“Before entering the quarry of Mallorca, several teams wanted me, also Espanyol and I was there for several days to see the school, the facilities, my parents’ apartment … But then there were more important things like my brother and being at home. That’s why we decided to stay in Mallorca. “

How did your parents meet?

“Well, on vacation. My father was a waiter and she was on vacation, they met and decided to stay in Mallorca because they both liked it a lot.”

Asensio in Real Madrid training

Anecdote with Florentino Pérez

“She was very outgoing, she always said what she thought and thanked people. She really liked walking around the area where Florentino Pérez used to have the boat. He blurted out, we took some photos and look at the twists and turns that life takes “.

Death of his mother

“Yes … You are never prepared for something like that, but in the end you have to push forward. Luckily, we have an exemplary father in everything. And that adds that my father, my brother and I have always been very close. In the end, life goes on and each one has had to go their own way, that’s what our mother wanted. “

Who does he live with?

“The three of us live together, yes. Sandra, too. Well, she comes and goes -laughs-. She has finished Architecture and is working in a studio.”


“Now I’m only dedicated to football, although I have several projects. I like business and the economy, I’ve always been good at this, but hey, we’ll see if those projects come out.”

Marco Asensio shoots at Levante's goal with a defender in front

Marco Asensio shoots at Levante’s goal with a defender in front


Future as a coach?

“I like football a lot, but now I just think about enjoying myself as a player.”

And a position like that of José Ángel Sánchez?

“Uff … I think not – laughs -. A lot of work and a lot of responsibility.

See the Selection

“It is something different. But I always follow all the matches of the National Team and always prepared to return. I will see him with my father and my brother, we always watch the games together.”

Discharge due to pharyngitis

“I got caught by a strong flu, I was pretty sick for two or three days, but I’m fine now. Coronavirus? They did the tests, but nothing, negative, it’s a strong flu. Today I have been training, there are few people, but people from the quarry. Already on Wednesday we will return to normality. “

The youth and the kicks

“They come with a lot of desire and run a lot -laughs-, but training is as usual. We put a lot of intensity in training and that shows a lot.

Day X

“You tell it and it gives me goose bumps. You notice that something has separated, you notice and hear the knee creak. The knee is inflaming and you see that it is something serious, although until they tell you, you do not want it Believe. In my entire career I had never been away for so long, nor had I entered an operating room. It has been one of the worst moments of my life, going down, being on the stretcher, seeing doctors, nurses, lights … I said ‘put me to sleep, please’. I was afraid of how it would turn out, in the end you don’t depend on you. You wake up stunned … I’ll never forget all of it. “

Marco Asensio, injured at Real Madrid - Arsenal

Marco Asensio, injured at Real Madrid – Arsenal



“At first I suffered a lot. I couldn’t even move, I was in a wheelchair, they had to accompany me to the bathroom and to anything else. It is an experience that has strengthened me in everything.”

An unexpected turn

“A lot, it has changed me a lot. You live so different and strange things, that you have never lived, every day you had a different objective and if you did not achieve it it was a step back in your recovery. There were many bad days, I thought how I could go back to playing soccer. But hey, it’s part of the recovery process, but there have also been a lot of good and exciting moments. “

Best moments

“The simple fact of walking and that nothing hurts was a momentazo. And then running … and returning and scoring after 25 seconds. I gave that shirt to a person who helped me a lot in this process, I signed it and I dedicated it to him. He spent a lot of time by my side in this recovery. “

Bad character

“I warned them that they would have to be prepared -after being seriously injured-. But yes, the ones who have endured the most are them -father, brother and girlfriend-“.

Different vision

“Very different. I tell my colleagues that they don’t know how lucky they are to be well, because being bad for so long is shit, really.”


“You never know. It did give me a little more time to rest my knee and to regenerate and recover my knee a little more.”

Decisive summer

“In the summer it was clear to me that I had to go out and play hard. After a good year at Espanyol, I knew I had options to stay, but I knew I had to do very well in preseason to convince Zidane. I spoke with him and he told me that he was going to start the Super Cup. So things didn’t start badly -laughs- “.

Asensio posing with the new Real Madrid shirt

Asensio posing with the new Real Madrid shirt

How is Zidane

“He is a very sincere person, who always says things to his face and gives a lot of confidence and tranquility to the player. He has won a lot, it’s incredible. A poster? Yes, I had the poster of the volley of La Novena in my room” .

Pull the car

“Anyone who knows football understands my words. Of course I want to pull the car and help my teammates, but some did not understand it. I hope this season is very good, I feel prepared and we want to win everything.”

Start of rehabilitation

“At the beginning it is very complicated and in the first months, what you least think about is playing again. At first you think about walking again, treading better … Then when you start working in the field, you already think about ‘ I’m here ‘, you see your teammates … You gain confidence over time. “

Hazard State

“As for Hazard, I see him quite encouraged. In the end it is difficult. He is a player who was not used to injuries. Before starting this season, we trained together many days. This is not wished on anyone, but once that is well, sure that it gains confidence fast “.

Play without an audience

“They are more tactical games. There is no noise, now everything is more restrained, more controlled, before everything was crazier. But having people in the stands helps you a lot, it helps you press. Hopefully they will come back soon.”


“I hope that the arbitration does not vary much. Now in the end there are many cameras. There is the VAR. The arbitration always has to get better. The VAR is a tool to do justice, although there are gray things that can be improved.”


“That is a matter of the coach. Of course I would like to start, of course I do. I look good, even better than the summer before I got injured.”

Asensio and Benzema


“I have always felt the pressure, that people expect a lot from me. But I want to return that illusion with many titles for Real Madrid.”

Messi wanted to leave

“Honestly … I don’t really care. If he has stayed, then better for Barcelona and the Classics will also have more scope. Playing against the best I like.”

Words of Luis Enrique

“Before an important official game, it is normal that the question does not sit well with him, because he does not like to talk about people who are not in the call. I get along very well with him, he is very funny.”

Relationship with Rafa Nadal

“A good relationship. I met Rafa six or seven years ago at Godó. I went to see him and I met him. The story is that, he saw me at Mallorca and called Florentino Pérez to tell him that ‘there was a good little boy ‘, but in person I did not meet him until Godó “.

Roland Garros

“I have sent you a message, yes.”

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