Gareth Bale after winning La Decimotercera

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Agent Gareth Bale he’s used to making statements practically every week. Jonathan BarnettIn all of them, he has talked about what is most interesting today: how the forward is doing after leaving Real Madrid. And, after certain controversies have been generated, the representative has settled that the new Tottenham player maintains affection for the merengue club.

Barnett, in words for TalkSports, wanted to clarify that Bale “did not go bad at all” in the Spanish entity and that, in addition to having “a great career”, the forward “love Real Madrid, love the city and he was also well loved despite what has been written “

The agent has again pointed out the action of the press both in Spain and in England. According to this, the media seek “really take down your superstars“Bale’s right-hand man understands that” instead of screaming how cool he is and siding with him, some really ridiculous things come out. “

Words that, in part, coincide with those that Bale expressed in one of his first interviews in the Premier League. The forward went so far as to assure that he, accustomed to being away from the media, did not gain the appreciation of certain newspapers for that little presence before the microphones. “I’m very quiet, I try to stay as normal as possible and away from the cameras and the media. Maybe that’s what they didn’t like there -in Spain-“, he snapped.

Barnett, on this occasion, has stressed that the Welshman was attacked because “he cannot speak Spanish.” Something that is completely false because “he does speak Spanish” and they are things that “without verifying are quite shameful”.

Another of the great criticisms that Bale has received during his time at Real Madrid has been his love of Golf. Even the player has made fun of those things in networks. Some attacks that Barnett does not understand, according to his words on the British portal, because “most footballers” play this sport. “Most of them”, he confirms.

Bale will be on loan for a season at Tottenham. In the English team he aspires to win a new domestic title after the harvest last season with Real Madrid. Although the agreement only included a year away from the capital, everything indicates that this past season was Gareth Bale’s last as a Real Madrid player.

Gareth Bale after winning La Decimotercera


Peace in Madrid

Both Bale and Real Madrid were aware that the time had come to put an end to the relationship between both parties. And the offer of Tottenham, a club with which the merengue entity has already negotiated on other occasions, it was the perfect opportunity. The farewell of the Welshman closed a stage and from the capital it has been made clear that there is no problem.

ZidaneIn fact, he has been in charge of defending that position. The Frenchman did not have him in his scheme, but he remarked before the forward’s departure that there was no personal problem between them. “There are negotiations and he is there in London … What I say or Gareth says is going to be to pit one against the other. I’ve never had a problem with Gareth or he with me. Nobody is going to dispute what Bale has done at Real Madrid. It is something that happens through different circumstances “:

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