Marcelo and Borja Mayoral in Real Madrid training

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He Real Madrid prepares for the departure of Borja Mayoral. The youth squad, finally, will play next season in Italy after several days of rumors and uncertainty about his future and that of Luka jovic. Mayoral sets course for the Rome, where he will play on loan next year and after having agreed a purchase option for the Capitoline team at the end of the loan.

Roma had been the team that had the strongest bid for Mayoral in this final stretch of the transfer market. In Madrid there were doubts after the good feelings that the Spanish striker gave to Zinedine Zidane, who will stay with Jovic as second forward this season. Mayoral has had minutes against Betis (19 ‘) and Valladolid (4 ‘), but Jovic’s two consecutive starts were a good indication of his future.

The Giallorrosso team also came to ask for Jovic in a meeting with Madrid, but the Mayoral contacts did not cease and there continued to be a rapprochement between the clubs to close the agreement that would be made in the absence of official status.

Marcelo and Borja Mayoral in Real Madrid training

Mayoral’s agent traveled to Rome to accelerate the operation in view of the trust placed by Zidane in Jovic and not in his client. Thus ends the brief return of the Spanish striker to his ‘home’ after spending two seasons on loan at Levante where he made a leap in quality that now allows him to fly to Italy to play in one of the classics of the A series.

Mayoral will play one year at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, although Roma will be able to execute the purchase option at the end of the season. During the talks, a definitive transfer was also negotiated, but there was never agreement on the figures since Real Madrid asked for around 20 million and the transalpine team did not reach them.

The bet on Jovic

Mayora takes the suitcases and Jovic leaves them before all the speculation that has occurred in recent days. He was able to go on loan to Eintracht Frankurt back and in Italy and England, several of his great teams asked about him. After his two consecutive starts – and his obvious improvement against Valladolid – he remains to show that he can be the best couple for Benzema and his heir up front someday. Now the debate is on the future of Mariano just four days from the market close.

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