Rodrygo tries to steal the ball from Aihen

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The presence of Real Madrid in the Brazilian team is increasing. It currently has a representative as Casemiro in the usual call for Tite, although he also usually comes Marcelo when injuries allow it. However, in the future that number of representation may grow thanks to Vinicius and Rodrygo.

The two young Madridistas are the pearls of the future of the country. This was demonstrated in the national leagues and, after his signing for the merengue club, they have confirmed that the bet made was correct. They are part of the usual scheme of Zidane and, either from the bench or with a starting position, they usually have minutes. Therefore, its relevance in Brazil and in a short-term Brazilian team it is already a matter of debate.

During the last press conference of the selection, Casemiro had to face several questions about his Real Madrid teammates. And the midfielder, one of the benchmarks both in the dressing room and on the pitch, has not hesitated to show his face for his compatriots.

Casemiro has highlighted that Rodrygo, the last to arrive in the capital as a whole, “has an immense quality“And regarding Vinicius, with greater pressure due to different circumstances, he has made it clear that he does not see him tense for not being called up with the national team.” Of course he wants to be in the national team, but I don’t see him frustrated“The Brazilian has assured. What’s more, he has come to affirm that he sees him” with more desire “to work in order to receive the call.

In addition, the midfielder has shown his disgust for not being able to play with the public, but has defended the protocols because there are “lives at risk“.” As they say in Spain, that’s what there is, “he stressed.

This season both Vinicius and Rodrygo have counted for Zidane. The second accumulates two participations, 91 minutes in total and one assist. Vinicius, for his part, has accumulated a little more prominence with Zidane. And it is that the attacker adds more than 190 minutes of play and two fundamental goals to take the team to the top of the standings.

Rodrygo tries to steal the ball from Aihen


The Vinicius-Rodrygo duel

They are both young, Brazilian, attackers and Real Madrid bets. For all this they tend to constantly compare them. The debate is not new and a few months ago Casemiro himself gave his opinion on the matter. The midfielder explained that this competitiveness to win minutes benefited Real Madrid and took pressure off to precocious talents.

“He is young and we have to start there. He is eighteen years old And we don’t have to put so much pressure on the kid. You can tell that he has quality and the ‘fight’ between Vinicius and Rodrygo is important for Real Madrid. That is football and that is Real Madrid, you have to always be fighting for the position. Here are the best. Vinicius last year was one of our best players, this year Rodrygo is doing very well. It’s football, “he stressed.

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