Casemiro, in a Real Madrid match.  Photo: Instagram (@casemiro)

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He Real Madrid could not continue his streak in The league and fell in front of Cadiz. Painful defeat by the time it arrives and also because it occurred at home, in the Of Stefano. Zidane introduced several changes in the starting eleven and also gave rest to internationals with many minutes of travel on their legs as Faith Valverde or Casemiro.

The Brazilian midfielder entered the field as soon as he passed through the changing rooms and then was one of those who showed his face after the defeat. “We have tried and fought, but in the first half they played better than us. In the second we pressed up and had more control of the game, but Cádiz has quality and the explanation is that we have given away the first half, “said Casemiro.

“We have to see the mistakes, but the attitude of the first half cannot be that because we have lost three points against a very organized rival who knew what they had to do on the pitch. We have to forget it because we entered the Champions League week and You have to start it well because this is very long, “continued the Brazilian international.

Casemiro, in a Real Madrid game. Photo: Instagram (@casemiro)

Real Madrid did not enter the game well and that is something they have recognized so much Zidane how Courteous. Also a Casemiro who, however, does not believe that there are problems in defense: “No, I think not. “It is true that there is always room for improvement, but in the second half they have never shot on goal,” said the midfielder.

“We have to keep working, improve offensively and defensively, and let it serve as a lesson so that this does not happen in the rest of the season. We have time to fix it, be together and form a pineapple again. When we are more solid, the closer we are to the goal, “said the footballer forcefully.

Match by match

These three words that made famous Simeone A few years ago and now they are increasingly used, they have also been used by Casemiro to talk about what comes to the white team in these coming weeks. In 23 days, Real Madrid must play seven games. The first has already ended in defeat.

“Each game is a story, we continue to think about going game by game. We have to play in the Champions League against a difficult team, but we have to forget and correct mistakes. Cádiz is past and we have to think about Shakhtar,” said a Casemiro who he has become a heavyweight over time.

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