Asensio, Carvajal, Casemiro and Courtois receiving the FIFA 21 socks

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The players of the Real Madrid they already know their average ratings in the video game FIFA 21 and this has caused some piques between the companions. EA Sports has brought together Marco Asensio, Dani carvajal, Casemiro Y Thibaut Courtois to discuss their stats with them and play a game about who they think is the best in each of the categories they have chosen DjMaRiiO.

The ‘skills’ caused a friendly hitch between Casemiro and Asensio. The Brazilian has a general average of 88, while Asensio has an 82. After the Majorcan’s anger, the midfielder responded with a brief “the game is fair” that caused laughter among all the players. The pique is served and surely they will settle accounts playing with the console.

It should be noted that Asensio is quite good at FIFA. Real Madrid, with the winger at the controls of the Play, took the Tournament #LaLigaSantanderChallenge of Ibai Llanos, an initiative promoted by the gamer and by The league during confinement to raise funds for Spanish health. So the Brazilian must be careful.

Asensio, Carvajal, Casemiro and Courtois receiving the FIFA 21 socks

Carvajal also left his little pique when he learned his ability to pace. The winger was the one with the best mark among his teammates, but he was a bit burned out with his speed stat. “I also tell you that I run more than 80, eh?”, Snapped the Real Madrid player also between jokes.

The ratings

EA Sports, the one in charge of designing the video game, has shown the cards of the 100 best footballers in the game according to their average where several of the Real Madrid players appear. But Real Madrid He has also announced from his Instagram account the score that many of his players will have. Since Courteous, Benzema, Casemiro Y Sergio Ramos, all of them with an average of 89, up to Rodrygo, with 79.

In total, the official averages of 18 of the Real Madrid players have been revealed, which has given many to understand that this will be the order, from best to worst, of the white players. Those that do not appear and that, for that explanation, would have 79 or a lower average are the following: Militao, Nacho, Mariano… Y Gareth Bale!

Real Madrid socks in FIFA 21

Real Madrid’s stockings in FIFA 21

Since signing for Real Madrid in 2013 (FIFA 14) its averages, ordered in years until the last edition, have been the following: 87, 87, 87, 90, 89, 88, 87 and 85. That is, Bale would drop to six points on average from one year to another, being one of the most notable drops in the entire history of the video game series. The reason, in the absence of confirmation that it is her true average, would be in her poor performance throughout the season and how little she has counted for Zidane. Will Bale have an average 79 in FIFA?

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