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Jose Maria Gutierrez ‘Guti’ could return to the bench sooner than expected. After a few months of calm after his dismissal as coach of Almería, which also just coincided with the pandemic of the Covid-19, the former player of Real Madrid has positioned itself as a possible star signing of the Atletico Paranaense.

Spanish is the name they want for a new stage that will begin in 2021. The current coach of the team, Paulo Autuori, will become sports director, thus leaving the position free. And Guti, without any project in his hands, would fit into the Brazilian club. This has been advanced Twitter, which also underlines that agents such as the Paraguayan Santiago Mereles is the one who is leading the operation.

This, in contact with the president of the Paranaense, Mario Celso Petraglia, and the current coach himself, put the name of José María Gutiérrez ‘Guti’ on the table. The decision, first, will have to go through the board of directors of the Brazilian entity. However, it is the option that is gaining the most weight for Guti’s short-term future.

The Spaniard would give the team some worldwide relevance, which would become a player recognized by the entire sports scene and who, in his short career as a coach, knows what it is to lead the Real Madrid quarry, teams like Besiktas and Segunda clubs like Almería. A background that he would expand with his experience in Brazil.

The Paranaense is currently in the lower zone of the Brazilian table. Penultimate in the standings, it is clear that they are looking to start a new project at the end of the season and Guti can be their man.

The beginning

The once legendary Real Madrid player made the leap to the bench in 2016, when he took over Youth from the merengue club. The same subsidiary that had seen him grow was now in his hands. The results, despite the doubts that many expressed about its potential, were more than positive. Guti gave the meringues homegrown a competitive gene that was missing. Thanks to this, in fact, the triplet was raised in the subsidiary of the capital.

His goal, then, was to ascend to the Castile. Despite his intentions, Real Madrid did not see that movement and Guti chose to make the leap to Turkey. A decision whose main goal was to become the first coach of an elite team. He left as assistant coach at the end of the 2018 season and, after Besiktas, he signed for Almería on his return to Spain.

The Andalusian club ended up dismissing him on June 26 after a defeat against him Alcorcón. Almería was not in a bad position and was fighting for the promotion playoffs to First division. They would finally be able to play these matches, but Elche would be the team that would be promoted to La Liga after a great phase.

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