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The transfer market has just closed a few days ago and rumors about future operations have not waned. And is that the coronavirus crisis has made many of the clubs that have not invested this summer to do so next. Therefore, players like Pogba They have not hesitated to offer themselves to the teams they would like to be part of in the future.

The French midfielder recently spoke openly of a possible signing for the Real Madrid. The Manchester United player offered himself to the merengue entity. It was a dream and he did not close the door after having been related to the club in the capital on several occasions.

“Sure,” Pogba answered bluntly about a future as a Real Madrid player. And it is that “all the players would love to play” in the white entity. “It would surely be a dream,” he specified. “Why not someday,” he glimpsed.

Some words that have not gone unnoticed and that have found an answer in Manchester United. The British entity wants to put together a project for the future and that happens by retaining its main stars. Among them are Pogba and Solskjaer, technician of red devils, he knows.

In his last appearance before the media, corresponding to the preview of the Premier League day, the coach addressed the French player and all the rumors. And he has settled any doubt: he will not move until his contract ends. This ends in 2021, but there is a clause to extend the union between both parties and that depends solely on United itself.

“Paul is our player and will be here another two years. I’m sure he’s focused on doing what’s best for us and we want to see the best of him. In the next two years I’m sure we’ll get the best of it“, has sentenced in leader of the English bench.

Pogba, meanwhile, will have to try to improve the situation of the team of Old trafford. The start of the season has not been as expected and in three games they only add one victory. In addition, they have reaped two tough defeats that leave them in the lower zone of the classification. If to that is added the defeat of last season in the Europa League, the latest results obtained are not entirely good.

United, to reinforce its project also in the long term, has already set several objectives for the coming months. Curiously there is a madridista like Early, tempted on other occasions by the British entity and who has positioned himself as the great signing they want in Manchester. The operation seems complicated.

The future of Madrid

The merengue club has not made any signings this summer. The economic situation derived from the Covid-19 pandemic made the capital’s offices be cautious. They knew that this was not the time to waste or invest heavily in players, and it has been. Between the confidence in the squad and the players recovered from each assignment, Zidane has a competitive team.

However, if nothing changes, several operations will be undertaken next season. As long as the pandemic allows it. And among the main names are Mbappé and Camavinga. Pogba, with his offer, sneaks into the possible additions to the merengue box.

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