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Modric wants to continue in Real Madrid. He has repeated it on several occasions and during his last appearance he has maintained the same position. The Croatian knows that he has a certain veterancy and that in the merengue team you have to play at the highest level. For this reason, the midfielder has stressed that he will continue in the capital if he continues to be important in the rotations of Zinedine Zidane.

The captain of the Croatian team has compared his situation in the national team with the role he plays at Real Madrid. “It’s the same,” Modric assured when asked about his future and renewal in the merengue entity. “I go game by game, and then we will see what happens“, has indicated.

Modric wanted to emphasize that “of course” he wants to continue in the white team, but he knows the difficulties he faces. “I would like to stay at Real Madrid. However, I am aware that I am a certain age and the club has to do the best for all of us. “

What must happen for me to continue in the Chamartín club? “While feel that I am an important part of Real Madrid, I would like to stay, “confirmed Luka Modric.” When that is no longer the case, I will look for new challenges. “Of course,” that issue is not yet on the agenda, “said Modric at the last press conference .

Modric ends the contract with the capital entity next season. 2021 is the limit of your contract and, for the moment, it has not been detailed whether or not he will continue at Real Madrid. As he himself has explained, one of the keys to knowing its continuity is that of its physical state. The midfielder is a starter with Zidane except for exceptions, but there is competition pressing and any drop in performance would take him to the bench.

Makes it easy to continue

However, this season he is performing at a high level and has made his renewal with the Madrid club easy. 35 years old and his intention is to play two or three more seasons. A few days ago, during an interview, he repeated very similar words.

“Sure, I would like to continue at Real Madrid, but it doesn’t depend only on me. It depends on what the club wants. I feel good and I can still be important at Real Madrid, I have football for it. But it depends on what the club wants, the coach… whether they see me as important or not. My wish is to finish my career at Real Madrid and if it is possible to renew, but it doesn’t want to be any problem for the club or for the coach, “he snapped.

Whatever the final decision, everything will be agreed. The relationship between Real Madrid and Luka Modric is perfect and there are no tensions as can happen with the big stars. The player has made it clear that what ends up happening will be prior to a agreement between both parties.

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