Mourinho and Bale, in a Tottenham match

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With the end of day 2 of the group stage of the Champions it’s the turn of the Europa League. This Thursday the Tottenham visit the Antwerp Belgian, although in the previous the name that has been most pronounced in the press room is none other than that of Gareth Bale.

The footballer of Cardiff He has already made his debut this season with the Spurs and was very happy about it, sending a dart to the Real Madrid at the same time: “It’s a great reason – the support he has – why I play well. You want to be loved and appreciated. When I come back here I will give my all for this shirt. “

Jose Mourinho He has referred to the footballer and how happy he has been since he returned to Tottenham: “Bale is arriving. I can see it with my own eyes, but the data also shows it. “He is working very hard. I think he is delighted with the level of organization we have at the club. He is probably not used to it.” The Special One.

Mourinho and Bale, in a Tottenham match


“Bale is going to play. We have not only the sensations, but the data that Bale is arriving. I can see with my eyes that he is arriving, but it is also corroborated by the scientific data. He is working very, very well. He is improving a lot and I think tomorrow we can see Gareth at a good level and hopefully we will see him fly because he is working very hard, “continued Mourinho.

The compliments of the Portuguese coach towards the one who is now his pupil were not left there. “He is an example for everyone. An important guy like him traveled to Burnley, he stayed on the bench for 90 minutes, without playing any. His behavior as a team man is incredible. His behavior at Tottenham is remarkable.” the Portuguese affirmed.

Bale, a star

He also wanted to emphasize the importance that Gareth Bale has had in Real Madrid’s triumphs, especially in the four Champions League achieved by the white team in the last six years: “One thing is reputation, another thing is facts. I would love to have his reputation and four Champions. I only have two. The facts with Gareth are that he made a difference at that club. “

Bale celebrates the Champions in Kiev.  Photo Twitter (@ GarethBale11)

Bale celebrates the Champions in Kiev. Photo Twitter (@ GarethBale11)

“It was a club that for years and years, for more than a decade, had not even reached a quarter-final of the Champions League and then took a great leap forward with three Champions semi-finals in a row, and when he arrived they won 4 in 5 years, “said a José Mourinho who continued remarking that he does not care about reputation, but about facts.

“For me, these are the facts. Reputation is not important to me. Facts are important. He made a big difference at the club. I can only talk about him with us. And he with us is fascinating,” concluded Mourinho , who has been a great admirer of Bale for years, since he not only wanted him for his Real Madrid, but also when he coached the Manchester United.

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