Real Madrid celebrate victory at Camp Nou

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The victory of Real Madrid in the Classic by 1-3 it has had two aspects. One, how overwhelming has been the image of a Real Madrid that many already gave up for dead and almost buried. And another, the balsamic, since the team breathes calmer after the difficult week they have passed after the defeats against the Cadiz and the Shakhtar.

As if by magic, the smile has returned to the Real Madrid squad and this triumph is a great reason for celebration and celebration, and it shows in the good atmosphere they give off again. Nothing better than winning at the home of the eternal rival to regain the smile.

And is that the last days in the ‘White House’ they have not been easy at all. As indicated Zinedine ZidaneToday’s game was not to shut up, but it is true that this victory represents a new boost in morale to continue facing a very difficult part of the season. Without going any further, this next week, the white team is playing its future in Champions.

Real Madrid celebrate victory at Camp Nou

And, as Courtois said as soon as he won in the Camp Nou, Madrid’s jersey demands to give everything every day and this squad has realized today more than ever, especially the new ones, who have lived today a great day of celebration in enemy territory. In addition, the triumph of the whites marks Barça’s second consecutive league defeat and the first at home.

The game ended up being a real show. Despite the fact that the two teams arrived with certain doubts, the clash has had spectacle, passion and many doses of controversy. Precisely, in one of those plays the crash has been chosen, after consulting with the WHERE by Martinez Munuera.

Sergio Ramos was caught inside the area by Lenglet and the referee ended up pointing out the maximum penalty that the captain of Real Madrid himself converted into 1-2. This goal not only brought joy to Real Madrid, but was a breath of fresh air for the players on the field, who looked superior, but who needed to re-drill the goal of Net.

Modric’s silly move

Finally, the whites won the triumph of Barcelona and the good atmosphere has reigned in the squad, as the players have shown on their social networks. However, the Classic has also left funny moments, like a curious play that has starred Luka Modric and what has had to Rodrygo as a luxury guest.

The Croatian footballer, who came out in the second half to end up being key in the game, controlled a ball in the center and was looking for a teammate to combine with. Luka had seen an unmarked player on the wing and decided to give him the ball, and he was right. So unmarked was he that he was not even playing because he had not yet jumped onto the pitch.

It was the Brazilian Rodrygo who was preparing in the band together with the fourth official and Zinedine Zidane to make his appearance in the match. Modric, in the very speed of the game, was not able to distinguish his situation and ended up throwing the ball out of the band in the comic play of the Classic.

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