Courtois and Sergio Ramos

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Sergio Ramos he is in a moment of football and exultation. The camero feels in top shape and is the absolute leader on his own merits of everything he touches. It does not matter if it is in the Real Madrid champion of League or in a Spanish team renewed by the recent return of Luis Enrique. What does not change is the leadership and professionalism of the central defender.

The Sevillian is a player with a soul, with a star, with a duende. He has quality, an enviable physical power and has uncovered the jar of essences with his new scorer facet. His goals, whether from a header, from a free kick or from the penalty spot, have made his performance stand out even more, that he has more visibility. However, the center-back has been an indisputable footballer in his selection and in his team for more than a decade. And what’s left.

One of the great virtues of Sergio Ramos, beyond his performance and his talent, is that he manages to bring everyone who depends on him to an agreement. Not a single one of his teammates doubts his career or his footballing level, nor do his coaches. Zidane Y Luis Enrique they surrender to the greatness of a defender of time.

Sergio Ramos, leader for Zidane

Sergio has become the leader of the team that best defends from Europe. Zidane has managed to build a powerful team that grows from its solidity and that triumphs from the advantage of not conceding goals and almost not receiving chances. Faced with doubts in attack, the French coach has made a virtue of necessity and has given him the stripes of the team a Sergio Ramos who can with everything they throw at him and who continues to make history in the white team.

Courtois and Sergio Ramos

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Last season, Ramos consolidated once again as the best center-back in the world, light years behind the second. His year was simply overwhelming, especially since the return from confinement where he proved to be a physical marvel rarely seen. In addition, his ability to score goals made him an offensive and defensive benchmark, and served him to win the praise of the soccer planet that saw him as one of the candidates to win the Golden Ball.

It was precisely the magazine France Football, who delivers the precious award, the last to recognize his worth, including him in the shortlist of possible winners for the best central defender in history. Ramos is among the nominees to form the best team ever, the so-called Golden Ball Dream Team, and shares the nomination with players of the stature of Franz Beckenbauer or Franco Baresi.

Madrid’s reference

In addition, at Real Madrid he has positioned himself as the true leader, especially after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the absence of that great signing to fill the void left by the Portuguese. The arrival of players like Hazard They have not been as positive as they seemed at first, but Real Madrid has not missed that great idol because Sergio Ramos has taken all the stripes and has become, year after year, the great signing of Real Madrid.

Sergio Ramos with Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe

Sergio Ramos with Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe

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At 34 years old, until March he will not be 35, the central defender is in his best form. Mature, serious, with a special aura, he knows himself to be the leader and the winner of all his battles. He is not afraid, he does not listen to criticism and he knows that he has the fans on his side, that is why he does not consider a withdrawal. His career seems eternal considering the enormous level he shows game after game, with hardly any rest, but exercising a supine professionalism to recover from each effort in record time.

Sergio has become a super professional. Methodical and disciplined, he takes care of his preparation and his rest to the maximum. He has absolute control over his diet, he gives a lot of prominence to his family life and he masters himself both in training and in daily work at his residence, where he continues to exercise and receive recovery treatments to always be ready for the next battle.

His connection with Luis Enrique

However, this great professional and personal moment that Sergio Ramos is experiencing is not only limited to Real Madrid, but is also present in the Spanish team. Captain and leader just like he is in the white team, the Beds has taken advantage of the output of other heavy vehicles such as Boxes, Puyol, Xavi or town to be the supreme boss of the Spanish team.

In addition, this leadership has been demonstrated with several coaches, such as with Julen lopetegui, but it has been with Luis Enrique with whom he has had a connection that has surprised many. The most critical launched their prediction that the personalities of the captain and the coach were not going to be compatible, and reality has ended up showing that they form a united and seamless couple that wants to make the Spanish team great again.

Pablo Sarabia with the National Team, along with Sergio Ramos

Pablo Sarabia with the National Team, along with Sergio Ramos


The status earned by Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid, where he has become a decisive player and who wins matches in both areas, has been transferred to the national team, making him a total player, admired and respected by all his teammates, whether they are veterans or newbies.

Sergio has a fundamental role and work in this new team. Being the leader implies responsibilities and having the ability to be the benchmark of a project, which is new and very changing in this Spanish team. Ramos is the link that unites all the pieces of Luis Enrique’s new team that is renewed in each call, it is the link with the most glorious past and with the future demand, and it is also the guide that leads and directs the young promises and new talents that dominate the national team.

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