Eden Hazard, with the Real Madrid white shirt for 2020/2021

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Hazard has entered the call for the duel of Champions before him Borussia Monchengladbach. This does not mean that he will play safe, but it does mean that he is already available and that his last injury seems to be behind him.

Over the last week it had been speculated that he would not return until after the next national team break, but he trained this Sunday with the rest of his teammates and ended up on the list for the game that takes place this Tuesday in German lands.

The Belgian has been injured longer than playing since he signed for him Real Madrid. He did not come out of one and was practically in another, something that has caused the fans to even doubt that he will end up triumphing with the white elastic.

Eden Hazard, with the white Real Madrid shirt for 2020/2021

Eden Hazard himself already spoke about the performance he had in his first season in the Santiago Bernabeu. Campaign that he described as bad for having been out for so long and not having been able to contribute his talent to the team.

Now comes a new beginning for him. Or at least that’s what his teammates, the coaching staff, the club and the fans expect, not to mention himself and his family.

Hazard dreamed of succeeding at Real Madrid since he was a child and a little over a year after his signing he still has not done so. It has not even been really important, although it is not that he has had many options to demonstrate it on the field.

Hazard shooting at goal during training with Real Madrid

Hazard shooting at goal during training with Real Madrid

The footballer wants to return and wants to be one hundred percent. For this, it is important to take care of yourself both during work hours and outside of them. And at the slightest pain, go to the doctors so that any ailment does not end up being a serious problem.

That is why it is so important that you have fully recovered and that you do not take risks in return. Neither he nor the club want him to star in another relapse, which would do nothing but increase the buzz around his figure.

How to win them all

The rest to win over the fans and end up triumphing is up to him, his natural talent. Goals, assists and a lot of football. He has all that, but now he must prove it on paper. Or rather about green. In the Chelsea came to be considered one of the best footballers in the world.

For years he was placed in the Madrid orbit and, finally, it was Eden himself who put all the meat on the grill to first not renew and then end up at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Eden Hazard, with the pink Real Madrid shirt for 2020/2021

Eden Hazard, with the pink Real Madrid shirt for 2020/2021


In the white temple the greatest have been whistled. To winners of Golden Ball how Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo or Modric, from more recent history. Now there are no fans in the stands, but the Belgian knows that he is arguing for having been so long occupying a place in the infirmary.

Winning over a hobby is linked to results. But also to goals. Not only to make good plays, which also adds, but Hazard must score goals to end up becoming one of the fans’ favorites.

If you get continuity and recover the sensations, Real Madrid will have the galactic it needs to achieve the objectives. Eden Hazard has several tasks ahead of him to end up being important in the white team.

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